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  1. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    @Silva: yeah, if it wasn't medically necessary I wouldn't have wanted a second induction - my first one was such a horrible experience. I know some providers will do the sweep and based on what I read it didn't seem much more dangerous but my in laws are coming down Sunday and I'd just rather have our childcare planned out if it's a matter of doing a sweep on Thursday at my appointment or just having them do one Sunday after I've gotten the antibiotics when they start the cytotec anyway. I've already made plans to get a pedicure and a haircut this weekend, and because of the way my parental leave works, there is no sense in rushing things at this point! (I've been off all week/working from home and it's glorious. Until today when our AC broke and it's still 80 degrees here.)

  2. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    @buttermilk: I'm being induced at 39 + 2 this time, same time I was induced last time, and my daughter was born at 39 + 5. So...probably not this weekend, but please think good thoughts for an October 8th baby instead of an October 10th baby! (Plus the 10th is our anniversary and I don't want to share.)

  3. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: if you do end up needing an induction, it could be very different! I wouldn’t consider an elective for my first baby but everything I’ve read, and in talking to my doc, once your body has done labor/delivery once an induction is much more likely to go smoothly. My doc said they’d schedule for my after 39 if I wanted it, assuming My cervix looked favorable.
    But hopefully it will be a moot point and things will happen on their own!

  4. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    Ugh, I had them check my cervix and based on the ultrasound tech saying two weeks ago that the baby's head is so low, she'd be shocked if I wasn't dilated, I expected to be like, a little dilated. She said I was maybe a half a centimeter, and it was so posterior she couldn't even reach it, and even though she said that things were really soft and thin and I'm pretty effaced, I'm still feeling really upset and scared about the possibility of a second nightmare induction and things going badly. I asked about pushing the induction back if the cervix wasn't favorable and she said no. I went to acupuncture today and I'm going again tomorrow so that might help some, but I just feel so, so discouraged.

  5. Kmomartin

    grape / 81 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: ugh I’m sorry you feel discouraged. I really hope the acupuncture helps- sending you positive vibes for the weekend, keep us posted!

  6. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    I guess I am the first to deliver! Baby girl O was born 10/3 at 9:32 pm, 8 lb 4 oz and 20.5”.

    Her position has been questionable this entire pregnancy. My induction was supposed to start early 10/2 but she was transverse so they were going to attempt an ECV at noon. OB came in and she was head down. He went to do a C and when my midwife came in to start the induction she was going transverse again, so ECV was back on. OB comes in and she’s head down again (at that point I had 3 u/s to check position before they even started). They put an abdominal binder on to try and keep her in position and started the pit. After pit running at max all day I did not progress, so that evening they turned it off, took the binder off (where most of my pain was coming from), did cervidil and let me sleep. Restarted put in am and I progressed slowly throughout the day. Did have an episode of decels with pit briefly turned off while I was given oxygen and extra fluids to help her out. The good stuff started around 8 pm. Pushing in every position imaginable, but baby wasn’t coming out. Midwife ended up calling the entire OB practice in and they manually turned her from inside. They also prepared me for an emergency section but she was ultimately deliveried via vacuum assist after over 1.5 hrs of pushing and as they were getting ready to wheel me out. She was occiput posterior with face facing my hip and shoulder distocia. She has some caput that’s already much improved but otherwise fine. Amazingly I have no damage, just severe swelling. I never want to live through that again. Worst experience of my life but I guess the prize at the end is pretty sweet.

  7. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: good luck! My previous 3 inductions went well so hopefully this one does for you!

    The 8th is our anniversary and we didn’t want to share either

  8. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @anbanan15: Wow, what an ordeal. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, but I"m glad you are both safe and sound and healing now.

  9. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    My nesting urges are starting to kick in a little, but in completely unhelpful ways. Like....my hospital bag isn't packed, but I cleaned off our giant built in bookshelf today and re-organized it. I'm on to the fridge next.
    Baby is moving a TON at night and waking me up. Based on her movements I'm guessing she is still posterior, but she feels like she gets herself into some weird positions sometimes.

  10. alwayssunny722

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @anbanan15: Wow, so sorry you went through such an ordeal! But very glad you got your sweet prize in the end, congratulations!

  11. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @anbanan15: congratulations!!

  12. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    So baby E hasnt been moving much at all. Dr keeps sending me for emergency ultrasounds to make sure she is okay. I'll be 38 weeks Monday with another ultrasound Tuesday plus a membrane sweep since her lack of movement is concerning despite the biophysical ultrasound showing her to be fine and healthy. On Tuesday I get to schedule my induction.

  13. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    @anbanan15: congratulations!

    @Silva: I don't nest at the end. I nest in the middle of the pregnancy and watch everything fall apart as I wait to deliver.

  14. YogiRunner

    clementine / 849 posts

    @anbanan15: Congratulations! So sorry what you had to go through though. Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery.

    @littleblessings: you’re so close!

    I’m still sitting here at 40+2. We’ll see how this shakes out.

  15. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    Thanks everyone! Just glad to be done!

    @littleblessings: This is what happened to me. At 38 weeks I switched back to night shift then experienced decreased movement. NST was non-reactive (they had been every time) and BPP looked fine but MFM held me in L&D overnight anyway. I was basically put on bedrest after that until my induction. Wouldn’t you know that during that stay and during my induction that stinker was reactive on the NST when she never previously was.

  16. Kmomartin

    grape / 81 posts

    @anbanan15: congrats!!

    @ms.mermaid: you hanging in there? How did acupuncture go?

    @yogirunner: did any home remedies work for kickstarting labor?

    Luckily my BP was down enough on Thursday that I didn’t have to go to L&D but still modified bed-resting and trying to chill. My OB mentioned that after 37 weeks (tomorrow!), she may consider inducing me as it wouldn’t benefit me or the baby to stay in there with the swelling and higher BPs that I’ve had.

    That being said, I am so ready to be done- I cannot get comfortable at night and have to pee every 45 minutes. Let’s get this show on the road, tiny human!

  17. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: sending you positive vibes!

    @Kmomartin: we’re almost there! I have no idea when this dude is gonna show up. I’m starting to lose little bits of my mucus plug but I remember that’s happening for a couple weeks before my daughter was born.

  18. Kmomartin

    grape / 81 posts

    @buttermilk: I think I have been losing bits of mine too for the last two weeks! I don’t think he’s gonna wait until his actual due date- haha

  19. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    @anbanan15: so far she has only been reactive at the hospital. Never in office.

    Was in the hospital this morning with contractions every 3 minutes. Had no progression so they sent me home. The contractions fizzled out. I have an appointment Tuesday. It will be an ultrasound and membrane strip. We will also be scheduling an induction due to lack of movement.

  20. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    38 week appointment this afternoon. Still feeling fine, no real signs of impending labor, but I am going to request a cervical check.

    My mom told me not to worry about having her on call to come take care of my kids when I go into labor, but now as the date gets closer she is clearly getting anxious about having to leave work suddenly (she is a teacher), and keeps sending me messages/emails about which days would be best for her. Like....WTF am I supposed to do with this information, mom? I know its just because she is nervous and cannot process anything internally, so she just word vomits to me, but it is not helping me feel more calm. I'd previously brought up the idea of a scheduled induction and she was SUPER judgmental about it, which is hard for me.

    Anyway. I brought up induction last week, and my doc said they'd check my cervix today and discuss it further depending on how favorable I looked. Given that there is a real likelihood that the induction would get bumped anyway, I wasn't that keen on the idea. So....still pretty undecided.

    As far as I can tell this baby is still chilling out posterior. Obviously she can still turn, but given that neither of my other kids turned until I was in labor and got an epidural, it seems like I should probably just count on a repeat of that. Kind of a bummer, because it has made for very difficult labor for me. Its another reason I"m considering induction- it feels more controlled, and I could get an epidural early, and hopefully skip all of the exhausting work my body tries to do early on.

  21. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    Alright had my 38 week appointment. OB did a membrane sweep to which he informed me that I'm at a 2. If I don't have her by Monday, she will be evicted beginning at 8am.

  22. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @littleblessings: hope the sweep works for you!

  23. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    38 week appt was yesterday:
    No dilation, just softening of my cervix. I had terrible low back / pelvic pain kick in suddenly last night and unfortunately its still around today. I've taken tylenol but my movement is seriously limited. I have to shuffle along. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about the idea of trying to take care of my kids while I am this limited for another 2 weeks. Hopefully it works itself out (or I have the baby soon!)

  24. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    @Silva: I hope so too. It didnt really work with my last one since its supposedly supposed to put you in labor within 24-48 hours. I went into labor with #3 at 4 days after the sweep. I would even take that at this point though. I'd rather not be induced but for the babys health it is necessary.

  25. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @littleblessings: Mine worked with my second, but I had already had my bloody show and was starting to feel crampy- and she was very aggressive with the sweep. I was told the same, it works within 24 hours if it works. Fingers crossed for you!

  26. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    @Silva: if it takes 48 hours to work I would most likely deliver on mine and DH 2 month wedding anniversary.

  27. Kmomartin

    grape / 81 posts

    Cooper Charles came on his own on Monday night at 8:14pm- 6lbs, 12oz and 20.5 inches long! Will share birth story later this week! I am so in love.

    Hang in there, ladies!

  28. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @Kmomartin: early bird! Congrats mama!

  29. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @Kmomartin: congratulations!!!

  30. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    baby has dropped some. I'm trying so hard not to over analyze, but the not knowing when is just the worst. I'm not feeling as much pressure as I was yesterday, which is good- I could barely walk. But it may mean she is going to bob up and down for awhile. I've been a little constipated, and already was having pretty regular braxton hicks- between the two I"m definitely "crampy" but most of the time I can attribute it to something else!

    I have a fancy dinner out with a friend tonight, just trying to keep myself distracted and plan fun things, one day at a time.
    So far I"m in a better head space than I was with the last two pregnancies- probably because I don't feel as miserable as I did with those ones! Really trying to keep reminding myself that I likely have at least another week left.

  31. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    0/4: Mrs. Bells    
    10/5: Yogirunner    
    10/12: Ms. Mermaid    
    10/20: Silva    
    10/22: Alwayssunny755     , Littleblessings    
    10/24: Yogifish    
    10/30: Buttermilk


    10/3 Anbanan15
    10/8 Kmomartin

  32. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    After a successful induction and very speedy vaginal delivery, Lila Elowen was born on Monday 10.8 at around 1:30. She spent last night under bili lights but is doing well today and we are waiting for discharge!

  33. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    @Kmomartin: congratulations!!! Our kids have the same birthday!

  34. Kmomartin

    grape / 81 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: gah! Congrats! How crazy!! So glad your delivery went well. Another girl for you! 10/8 was a great day to be born apparently I was happy he came 10/8 because 10/9 was my husband’s birthday and I selfishly wanted both of them to have their own day!

  35. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    @Kmomartin: haha today is our anniversary and I also wanted baby to have its own birthday.

  36. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: Congratulations! I'm so glad the induction went well

  37. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    Congratulations ladies!

  38. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @littleblessings: any progress?

  39. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    @Silva: nothing significant yet. Its only been 24 hours though and it can take up to 48. Having pelvic discomfort and hyper aware of my cervix. That's about it.

  40. YogiRunner

    clementine / 849 posts

    Baby is here!

    I had borderline high blood pressure at my OB appointment yesterday and they sent me right to hospital triage to be sure it stayed normal. It did, so I was about to go home... but then one lab came back borderline and they decided to just keep me and induce! Twelve hours after the first Pit drip and after 12 min of pushing, out he came during the very wee hours of this morning!

    We’re all exhausted but doing well

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