Since we are all getting our 6 week clearance now, I thought we could use this thread to inspire each other on our personal goals. It could just be as simple as watching what you eat or going for short walks. Let's get positive about our mama bodies!!

I'll start! If anyone would prefer this thread to be gold just let me know

Current weight: 83kg (Approx 183lbs)
Height: 173cm (Approx 5"8')
Goal weight: 70kg (Approx 154lbs)
Nursing: Yes
1st goal: Under 80kg by Christmas :-).
Current Fitness Goals: Hoping to join the gym next week and start going to classes/workout atleast 3 times a week. ( It's waaaay too hot here to go walking with the pram )
Current Food Goals: Be more organised with meals so I stop buyng takeaway.

After E was born I was already under my pre-preg weight but my pre-preg weight was overweight so time to lose it for good!