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September 2013 Mamas - Postpartum

  1. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    Hi everyone! Hope you are your Los are all doing well just wondered what you are planning for their 2nd birthdays? How are our babies almost 2??!!

  2. Grace

    cantaloupe / 6730 posts

    @illumina: Hi! Belated reply, but I just noticed it. I love that my baby is almost 2 - definitely easier on me than the baby stage. I'm not big on the party planning, but I am big on the birthday cake. P looooooooves puppies, so I'm thinking this cake. What are you planning?

  3. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    @Grace: wow!!! looks like a ton of fondant but a really cute design.

  4. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    J loves Batman so I think that will be our theme. I really haven't thought much about it but I need to! I can't believe our kids are almost 2!

  5. Grace

    cantaloupe / 6730 posts

    @rosegold: I know, eh? And I hate fondant. I can't decide whether to use a marshmellow fondant and hope that tastes better or just use a buttercream and not have it look as polished.

  6. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    @Grace: That cake is amazing!! Are you going to make it yourself?

    Sophie is crazy about Peppa Pig so we're going with that theme! We'll probably just have a small party at home Her main present is going to be a kitchen...I'm so excited to get it and put it together!

  7. Grace

    cantaloupe / 6730 posts

    @illumina: Yup. Apparently all it is is two dome shapes cakes (you can rent weird shaped pans at Bulk Barn). The kitchen will be fun. P has started cooking with hers in the last month (rather than just opening doors). We're getting her a baby doll.

  8. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    @Grace: that cake is so cute!!! I have no talent with cake making so will probably outsource haha.

    @illumina: we are doing a play kitchen too! She says she wants a pink bike (she saw one in the store the other day but it's for 10 year olds lol) but I'm hoping she will forget by then since a) she's so young for a bike and b) winter will be here so soon after her birthday!

    I'll be 38w pregnant for her birthday so we will do very low key this year...brunch or BBQ with family most likely. She's obsessed with Frozen so I might do a very light Anna/Olaf theme.

    I can't believe they are almost 2!!!!!

  9. jetsa

    grapefruit / 4663 posts

    @Grace: thats an awesome cake!

    We are doing mickey mouse club house, "oh two-dles" because he loves it!

    I'd love to get him a kitchen but my dh doesn't think kids like those sooo I have no idea what we are getting him. We are moving around then and our new house has a pool so that is enough, right

    We are having an extended family party again but only because we are combining it with Claudia's christening so everyone will be in town lol.


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