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  1. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @2PeasinaPod: ughhhh I have a cold too! The worst, I hope LO doesn't get it. DH has it too happy birthday btw 🎈 how sweet to get an iPad! Don't let your son steal it, haha.

    @ChelseaRose: yay for the last day of work!!!!

    Tomorrow is also my last day in the office and you wouldn't know it. I still have a mountain of work and barely a back up plan, but my freelancer starts Tuesday to cover me so that's good

  2. 2PeasinaPod

    pomelo / 5524 posts

    @Mrs. Oatmeal: Good luck with the infusion and the acupuncture! And thanks for the well wishes - hoping we can kick this cold by the weekend! Hopefully, you can stay healthy by the time baby comes!

    @hellobeeboston: Oh no! I'm sorry you're sick too! It's such a bummer. And what's with our workplaces?? Don't they know we need to be stress free to go into maternity leave??

    Hoping I might be able to squeeze in a pedicure today if my place has an opening! I at least want some pretty toes going into this!

  3. elljay

    apricot / 262 posts

    @ChelseaRose: @2PeasinaPod: Yay for wrapping up work! Today is my last day as well, since I'll be induced Sunday night if I don't go into labor on my own before then.

    I had an ultrasound and NST yesterday at 40+3, and baby boy is way too comfortable in there! I really thought he would have at least dropped by now, but he's still way up in my ribs. Oh well - he'll be here soon enough either way!

    Sorry to hear about all these colds - feel better @hellobeeboston and @2PeasinaPod!

  4. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @elljay: Congrats on wrapping up work too! My little guy is still really high too and has shown no signs of dropping yet.

  5. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @hellobeeboston: @2PeasinaPod: @elljay: Are we the only ones still pregnant??? It sure feels like it.

  6. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    @ChelseaRose: aww- that's what's the worst about due dates later in the month...you totally feel like you're the only ones left. Hoping your babies decide to come soon!

  7. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @Mrs. Oatmeal: Thank you! Last time it was the opposite because I was a November 2012 mom and ended up having my LO in October. I hope you and baby M are doing well at home! I can't believe you're discharged already.

  8. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @ChelseaRose: is it just us?? This happened to me last time! I had my first on October 26 and I think I was the last!

    Anything happening with you? I have had a lot more cramping this weekend than normal, and BH contractions at night are pretty strong, so all good things, but nothing yet. I am def going overdue it seems as my due date is tomorrow!

  9. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    @ChelseaRose: yeah! I was due Aug 8 with K, but she came late and a bunch of people went early, so I was one of the last! And yes- it's crazy that we're home already (3hours after the birth), but it has been SO nice and relaxing. The midwives will be here in about an hour for a follow up.

  10. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @elljay: any action?! And my cold is gone! So glad.

  11. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @hellobeeboston: not much happening here other than trying to get last minute stuff ready around the house. I've had plenty of BH, but that's about it. I'm only 38w4d, so I can't complain too much.

  12. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @ChelseaRose: yeah, I actually feel like I could use tomorrow to organize a bit more, but trying to mentally prepare myself for going well past my due date!

  13. 2PeasinaPod

    pomelo / 5524 posts

    @hellobeeboston: @ChelseaRose: I can't believe we're the only ones left! Heading in for my C-section in the morning! Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

  14. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @2PeasinaPod: I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Can't wait to see your little one. I hope all goes well with your RCS. I may be having one later this week. How long are you planning to stay in the hospital?

  15. busylizzy111

    cherry / 144 posts

    I am also still here- and I was due the 12th!

  16. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @2PeasinaPod: good luck!!! I hope it goes smoothly!!
    @busylizzy111: oh hi! A week+ overdue?! I'm sorry, I hope you're holding up OK! I feel like that is totally going to be me this time. Are you having any signs that labor could be coming?? I head into the doc this morning, not sure if they will check me but hoping they do.

  17. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    @2PeasinaPod: good luck today!

  18. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @2PeasinaPod: Good luck!

  19. busylizzy111

    cherry / 144 posts

    No signs, feeling fine, baby is doing great.....
    They want to induce tomorrow (hospital policy EDD +10), so we will see! Don't know if I'll agree to do it.

    Good luck to everyone still here!

  20. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    He made it! Baby Theodore born Sept 29th at 10.55pm and weighing in at 7lbs and 10oz.

  21. Miss Sarah

    persimmon / 1259 posts

    @plantains: Thread stalker here...congratulations! He is beautiful!

  22. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @plantains: congrats!!!!!

  23. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @Miss Sarah: @hellobeeboston: thank you! Pretty surreal actually having him here!

  24. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @plantains: Congratulations! He's adorable. My LO was also born on 9/29. It's a great birthday!

  25. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @plantains: congrats!

  26. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @ChelseaRose: co ngratulations! How are you feeling? Did you Vbac in the end?

  27. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @birdofafeather: thank you!

  28. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @plantains: I did not and that's ok. My BP was going up and I wasn't showing signs of labor so we scheduled the RCS for 39+6. It was great. We got skin-to-skin in the OR and baby was trying to nurse, so my labor and delivery nurse helped him latch on while they finished the surgery. He was only away from me for about 15 minutes to do his bath and check up in the nursery. Also, he was a very big baby at 9lbs even and 21.5 inches. I'm not sure a VBAC would have been successful.

  29. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    Posting this here too as I was interacting with the Oct board, can't believe I had an October 1 baby!!

    Induction was longish but went well! I had a 25mg dose of misoprostol at 9:30 (only 2+cm), had been having mild contractions every 7 minutes or so already before anything. After miso and 2 hrs of monitoring got to wak around, go get lunch. Contractions picked up. Started pacing/bouncing then when they started getting bad I got in the jacuzzi tub in my room which was awesome and really moved things along, my water broke in the tub then I asked for the epi..... My nurse got m me fully set up for epi while still in tub and got out, in bed, and epi right away. Good because I was shaking bad, and ctx were bad! I was 6cm at this point. Chilled for a couple hours then was a 10, waited about 30 min to push so he could move down a bit.... Took me an hour of pushing, he was sideways so lots of positions in the bed, then here!!' Long day but so awesome. I'm feeling well (sore) couple minor stitches!

    Col!n W!lder. 9lbs 6oz, 21 inches long!

  30. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @ChelseaRose: I had an RCS too and it was a really great experience! My water broke the day before I was scheduled but I decided not to risk the vbac and was really happy with my birth experience. My OB sang Happy Birthday to DS as she pulled him out and we did skin to skin until he had to go be checked.

  31. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @hellobeeboston: sounds like the perfect induction really. So happy for you, congratulations!

  32. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    @hellobeeboston: congrats! Glad your induction was successful!


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