A spin off of the birthday party thread but what are you buying your LO for their 1st birthday?

I admit I am having a hard time coming up with a good gift for DD. My problem is that she is my 2nd and so we have a ton of stuff already from her older brother. They will be having a joint party since their birthdays are the 2 weeks apart so I cant throw 2 parties so they are getting a joint one (and probably hear after for the rest of their lives until they are older) Its easy to find gifts for my son since every stage is new with him and Im having fun researching new stuff for him but its harder with DD since we just have so much. They are only 3 years apart so he still plays with a lot of the toys that she could play with too. I will be buying them both books (I always buy books as gifts) so that I can figure out but Im trying to set a limit on gifts and cost since I can overbuy easy for my son but want it to be equal and fair too. I was thinking of getting my son maybe a larger gift (a subscription to Kiwi Crate for a few months maybe) and then another gift to open at the party since Kiwi Crate is a mail thing and he might not get it on his birthday. But then what to get DD. I thought of maybe getting her a large gift too that both she and her brother could play together (like the Fisher Price Learning House Door thing ) and something small just for her? I dont know. Its so hard to figure out. I thought about the Cozy Coupe but Im sure her brother will want that. I feel like anything I get her he will want and I kinda just want to make sure she gets something of her own (even if she is too young to really know or care) since she is sharing so much and always will since she is my 2nd. Thoughts or suggestions? Am I being silly? Its 2nd baby guilt that she never has anything for just her