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January 2020 moms!

  1. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 971 posts

    @graceandjoy: congrats momma! He is precious!! It is tough healing from a c-section. I’m still not 100% and it’s been 5 weeks for me.

  2. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: thank you for saying that!

  3. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @graceandjoy: aw I'm so sorry recovery has been rough. I know it probably seems like forever now, but it will get better, hang in there and don't hesitate to ask for all the help you can!!!

  4. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 971 posts

    Evie and Dex are healthy and growing! My birthday is tomorrow and I told my mom all I wanted was sleep 🤣 so she is coming to watch the babes ALL day tomorrow while I get some shut eye. I couldn’t be more excited!!

  5. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    All these cute babies, you guys. I'm in heaven!

  6. helloperidot

    cherry / 236 posts

    Rory's newborn photos came back. I somehow made a baby model. 😂😂😂

  7. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: they are SO adorable!

    @helloperidot: oh my the looks she is serving; I can’t!

  8. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: And happy early birthday!! I hope you have an amazing nap

  9. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    So I’m doing better! Recovery is still hard, BUT I do notice progress everyday so I’m taking solace in that. It just hugely sucks that even when baby doesn’t need me, I can’t do much with the girls but thankfully they have been so sweet and understanding. My 3 year old cannot leave baby alone lol and my 5 year old has been super helpful.

  10. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @helloperidot: Stop it

  11. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @graceandjoy: Good to hear mama. It's HARD not getting that uninterrupted rest time, just take what you can get!

  12. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @jaguar: I’m probably the most well rested this time! Can’t even do most house chores, this baby is pretty much back to birth weight so I’m not stressed out waking all through the night feeding, I change diapers less often too with each kid (lol), in general just feel like my only problem right now is my csection pain!

  13. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: @helloperidot: awwwww, love these pics, so sweet!!!!

    @graceandjoy: I hope the recovery is going well, so sorry about the pain, ugh...

  14. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 971 posts

    I’m. So. Tired. I could literally sleep a whole week of someone let me. 2 babes and a toddler is freaking exhausting.

  15. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: all the coffee and any little naps you can get mama

    Don’t know how I complete missed this being this is #3. But I finally figured out he prob has bad gas and needs some gas drops lol. Hopefully that will help him sleep better at night. There is always a stretch where he can’t sleep and my dummy brain just connected the dots lol

  16. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @periwinklebee: I’m much better thankfully! I think the 1st week was the worst. I’ve gotten much much better! Hopefully OB will clear me to drive by end of next week!

  17. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: ugh, I'm sorry.

    @graceandjoy: Maybe, or could just be typical newborn behavior as they wake up more. My girl was up from 1 to 4 last night.

    I seriously feel like I'm losing my mind. They are installing wood floors in our house and it is SO SO SO LOUD everywhere in the house. Baby won't let me put her down and no way with this noise is she napping anywhere but my arms. I cannot wait for these renovations to be over - this is not a peaceful way to spend maternity leave, ugh.....

  18. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @periwinklebee: how far along is the Reno! I am so sorry it really isn’t fun to spend maternity leave with random people in your house all the time! My little guy sleeps through his sisters screaming yelling crying and touching him 😂

  19. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @graceandjoy: at first she would sleep through anything but I think she’s outgrowing the newborn sleepiness. It’s been so annoying sharing our only functioning bathroom, a powder room that previous owners managed to squeeze a tiny shower into, with a billion sub contractors and all the house guests we’ve had since baby arrived. I’ve been moving the bassinet and a mattress on the floor around the house to sleep in various places to accommodate reno and house guests. We gotta move a bunch of furniture Again tonight because we are tearing up carpeting and refinishing some floors later this week. The renovations started in late August. They were supposed to take 12 weeks ha ha. But it will be done eventually, the contractor says within two weeks, But we’ll see if that actually happens. The baby has been fussy, my toddler was in the ER twice last week, including an ambulance ride from daycare, so I feel like my patience for it is getting shorter.

  20. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @periwinklebee: oh no what happened to him! Hope everything was ok!

    My middle child just got 10 stitches yesterday 😑 I feel ya minus the crazy renovations!

  21. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @graceandjoy: Oh no! Poor girl. I feel like toddlers are way harder than newborns. Daycare thought my son Was having an anaphylactic reaction. But then he had trouble breathing again a couple of days later and we are pretty sure it’s asthma. Of course, I’m worried that all the dust from the renovations can be a trigger, so spend my very limited free time when I’m not feeding the baby vacuuming 😂

  22. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @periwinklebee: 😫 It’s gotta be all the dust; hopefully they will be done!

  23. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    So I'm 37+1 today, for the past hour I've felt nauseous with a migraine and am having contractions/BH on and off (nothing consistent). Now my pelvis feels like it's throbbing, I guess is the best way to describe it, with terrible back pain.

    I don't know what labor feels like, but I'm thinking I'm not making it to the 25th of this month. 😭

  24. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Sams Mom: I think you are close for sure!!

  25. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @graceandjoy: I just walked 2.2 miles through the aquarium and museum today with my son and husband. My back hates me, everything is swollen, migraine, nauseous, and Thursday at my appointment (37+2) he measured me at 42 weeks. 😭

    Less than 9 days to cut time, and I wish something would happen to push it up. I asked my doctor how to get protein in my urine (as a joke after begging to move my c section up without medical reason) and he told me he'd kick my butt. 🙈 So my only other option for earlier is going into labor.

  26. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Sams Mom: a lot can happen between now and then! I’m cheering for you!

  27. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @Sams Mom: You are almost there- the end of pregnancy with a toddler is the worst, hang in there!!!

  28. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @periwinklebee: coming up on 5 days 😭. I know i'm so close, but this feels like forever and a day away! Contemplating whether or not I want a cervix check tomorrow, not that it will do much for me, but I kind of want to know too.

  29. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Sams Mom: you never know! Checks I think are what sent me in labor last 2 times 😂

  30. paranundrum

    clementine / 807 posts

    @Sams Mom: You are so close, I'm so excited for you!

  31. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @Sams Mom: My ob told me that with second kids, a cervix check tells him nothing, but he would do one anyways since he was already up there to get the strep b culture. I couldn't help being super curious anyways.

    So close!

  32. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @periwinklebee: i did one, 100% closed, no dilation at all... Zero... 😭 38+2 and measuring 43 weeks.

    @paranundrum: i was really hoping to be done today and get a section 😭 and she would have a cool birthday today 02.20.2020

    @graceandjoy: I can hope that it starts something tomorrow, otherwise I need to make it through the weekend so I don't have to have a random partner from his practice.

  33. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    0730 CST tomorrow is cut time for my c section. I'm excited and freaking out. 😱

  34. paranundrum

    clementine / 807 posts

    @Sams Mom: I'm so excited! Good luck and keep us posted!

  35. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @paranundrum: yep, still in recovery, but all is well.

    Hazel Kennedy 9lbs 1oz 22" and a 15" head

    We had to have a NICU eval in the OR, a little time on cpap, but she was back on room air before i was closed up.

  36. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4462 posts

    @Sams Mom: Aw, congrats!!!!!

  37. paranundrum

    clementine / 807 posts

    @Sams Mom: So cute! Congratulations!

  38. MoonMoon

    pomegranate / 3371 posts

    @Sams Mom: congratulations! Hello baby!

  39. karenbme

    persimmon / 1337 posts

    @Sams Mom: de-lurking to say Congratulations!!! Love the name 😃

  40. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2640 posts

    @Sams Mom: Congrats!!! Can you even believe you are finally here and she is here with you???

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