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  1. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5554 posts

    How are all the new moms doing? Check in if you have a moment, I'd love to hear how it's going! Especially those of you who have older kids, how is the transition?

    Trapped at home today with my car in the shop. 1 thing left on my to-cook list and then I'm all done, and can commence freaking out about Tuesday (am I the first March mom having a c section?).

  2. creativemomma15

    pear / 1610 posts

    @erinbaderin: You're getting so close! Things are going well over here... We had an interesting start with my two older kids and DH getting the stomach bug last week & then we had to take DD2 to an ENT to get a lip tie released on Monday. Overall though we are doing pretty well. It's been busy so I haven't had a lot of time to respond much here. My two older kiddos are doing pretty well with the transition. I mean, we have our moments but overall it's been good. They both love DD2 and want to hold her all the time!

  3. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    Just got done at my appointment. At 37w3d according to EDD I'm 3.5cm and 70% effaced. He is really low which is why I'm only measuring like 36.5 weeks. The doctor kept telling me how favorable my cervix is. It was a little creepy. Lol she also said she doesn't expect me to make it to my due date, and I better pack my bags this weekend.

  4. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @erinbaderin: I just created a post partum thread figuring it's time!!

    We just got home today...introducing K tonight after daycare...fingers crossed!!!

  5. ksnow

    apricot / 371 posts

    @Loscato: great news! Is it weird to be jealous of someone's favorable cervix? Haha. Had my 38.5W check yesterday and they said they'll check next week (and typically only
    Check after 39 unless you basically think you're in labor so no clue what's going on down there yet.)

  6. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    This weekend I am finally starting my freezer meal supply! I already made a double batch of lactation cookies and tomorrow I am making batches of homemade sauce and baked ziti casseroles! I got a pedicure today and was told by my doctor that she will strip my membranes on Thursday (St. Patty's Day) when I am 39 weeks. I am so ready to get this show in the road!

  7. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    I'm all caught up reading but can't really respond individually right now since I'm on my phone vs my normal mode of HB-ing on my laptop.

    We've been home for 3 days now and DS is totally in love with DD. She sleeps better during the day than at night so I've actually been trying to sleep when she does during the day. But I have to get up every 3 hours to pump since she doesn't always wake up every 3 hours, except for at night. Go figure. Lol

    I'm totally loving everything right now (minus the sleep deprivation).

  8. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @Loscato: good luck!!!

  9. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @Mrs D: thanks for posting links to the tops and shoes you got! You're like a personal stitch fix consultant. Haha.

  10. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5554 posts

    @Lilbear: Good luck! I did all my prep during the past week and on the one hand, I kind of regretted leaving it until the end because I felt like my to-do list was huge, but on the other hand it kept me busy.

  11. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    @Alivoo01: aww that is a really sweet update ! I hope I have it as together as you !!

  12. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    AFM : 38 weeks and feel crampy all day - slight contracting but this pregnancy I haven't really had as many Braxton Hicks
    So my toddler has thrown up three times tonight and now I'm really paranoid that she has a stomach bug. Being in labor with a virus sounds like a nightmare - and I hear that the virus can be alive for two weeks so now I'm afraid about what happens when I bring baby home !! My DH of course is talking me down off this ledge lol - but still - gah!!

  13. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @Alivoo01: agreed, life is good minus the awful sleep deprivation! I keep telling myself it's very temporary.

    @MrsLilybugg: oh my gosh, you poor thing! My oldest kept getting sick my last month, it's so scary when you're pregnant. But I managed to avoid the bug, hope you do too!

  14. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Alivoo01: I got my gap tops today and really love them all! Waiting a week or two to try them in but so far they all are what I hoped!!! I also got two new pieces of jewelry from Kendra Scott that I can't wait to wear!!!

  15. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    So far so good avoiding the stomach bug! I woke up last night because LO started to cough (which signifies another puke fit) and had contractions. But they went away after some water. Am so uncomfortable and crampy but haven't really felt much today. (Am 38w 6d). Lo keeps saying she wants baby to come out and play ❤️ I'm feeling nervous because I do want a spontaneous labor (vs induction hell I went through first time), but the "not knowing when etc" is killing me !!

  16. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    Quick question for those of you who already gave birth. Did your stomach get smaller right before going into labor? I was magically able to zip my coat this morning, and I wonder if that's a sign of something.

  17. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    @Loscato: could the baby be dropping lower into you pelvis possibly? (Which is supposed to be a good sign!!!!) I am mildly nauseous today and having lots of cramping/contractions in the evenings the last few days. I feel like I'm symptom spotting for labor like I was symptom spotting during the 2 week wait!!! Come on babies!!!!!

    Also, has anyone had success with a membrane sweep/stripping? My doctor is planning to do this later today for me at my 39 week appointment. I'm excited and nervous all at once!

  18. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    So I had my membrane stripping around 5-5:30 pm yesterday and it actually caused me to start having contractions every five minutes! However, they were mild contractions - stronger than Braxton hicks, but totally manageable. I decided to just hang out and relax last night to see if they got more painful or frequent. I went to bed at 10 pm and they seemed to have stopped overnight. I now feel a mild nonstop crampyness, but again, no more contractions for now. I guess I will be going in for my last day of work this Friday after all. 😠 I am encouraged that it started regular 5 minutes apart contractions for about 3-4 hours though. Hopefully that means that real labor is going to happen soon OR at least that MAYBE I have dilated a little bit more!

    I think that I'm going to try and have an old wives tale type of Friday/weekend to see if things will get started again! I can't wait to meet this baby!

  19. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Loscato: I was going to say that it could be the baby dropping too!

    @Lilbear: with K...they stripped my membranes "aggressively" (according to my dr) at 3pm weds...(I was 4cm and 80%)...I went into labor around 2-3am Thursday morning...

  20. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    @Mrs D: good to know and thanks for responding!!!!! The OB that I like in my practice is on call at the hospital during the day on Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, so I really hope I have an experience like yours! Come on baby!!!

  21. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    @Mrs D: At my appointment today the doctor didn't say anything about him being lower, but I guess that's because I didn't see the same doctor last week. I'm now 4.5cm but still 70% effaced.
    I'm having mild contractions, but nothing consistent or super painful which is a bummer. I think I'm gonna try pumping tonight and see if that jumpstarts anything.

  22. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5554 posts

    @Lilbear: My friend credits her second membrane stripping with bumping her into labour - she said that the second time she felt it a lot more, it was a lot more aggressive (and painful) but she went into labour that night.

  23. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Loscato: damn lady..props to you walking around at 4.5.... I know how uncomfortable that is...

    @Lilbear: @erinbaderin: fwiw my membrane sweep that put me into labor was also my second - I had my first at 39w

  24. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    I am continuing to have contractions on and off all day, but they are not at all consistent or close together. The good news is I started losing my mucus plug this evening! I know this technically doesn't mean anything, BUT I'm still excited that maybe it's a sign that all these contractions are helping me dilate.

  25. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    @Loscato: oh wow! Did you end up going to work even at 4.5cm? You are amazing
    @Lilbear: yay for contractions and losing mucous plug!!

  26. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    AFM: baby girl was born Friday morning and weighed 8 lbs 10! I am holding her now at the hospital - I've had about two hours sleep since Thursday and am running purely on adrenaline

    I'll continue the March Mama Fast Labor trend too! I will post a story soon to the March Labor thread when I've actually slept and can form thoughts hah. But my epi failed so it was WILD.

    Good luck to the rest or the March / April mamas! And also: I finally had a delicious COLD CUT turkey sandwich for dinner. I waited 9
    Months for that lmao

  27. momtimes3

    cherry / 109 posts

    Congrats mama!!

  28. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5554 posts

    @MrsLilybugg: Ha! I had a deli meat sandwich for lunch AND dinner yesterday! It was so good! And congrats on the new baby, looking forward to the story!

  29. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    @Mrs D: It's actually not that bad. More frustrating than anything. I just want to go into labor and get this over with.

    @MrsLilybugg: Yup, I'll keep working until I go into labor. I have a desk job so it's not too bad.

  30. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @MrsLilybugg: Yay congrats!

  31. Lilbear

    apricot / 450 posts

    @MrsLilybugg: congrats mama!


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