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March 2016 - Post Partum

  1. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    @Mrs D: It's going ok - it was nice having somebody home to hang out with and get me things but he got caught up in all this home stuff (he cleaned the garage, and replaced all the light switches in the house, and went to 2 movies) so he wasn't doing that much baby stuff anyway. So far I've gotten in a shower both days while W naps - I learned on my last mat leave that that's the one thing I need to get accomplished in a day to make me feel like a human being. I had plans to go to the grocery store yesterday but didn't - planned to do it again today but so far haven't. Daycare pickup went better than I expected - on the way home Weston started crying and instead of getting upset B said "don't worry, baby brother, it's ok!" and started pointing out things to distract him, so that was pretty cute.

    Ugh, working out. I keep thinking about that but the doctor said I needed to wait 6 weeks. Although she also said no picking up anything over 10lbs for 6 weeks and I haven't been following that.

    Hooray! So thrilled your bottle attempt went well! When do you have to go back to work?

  2. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @erinbaderin: glad it is going ok! I have had intentions of going to Target for the last 2 days and not made it...so I hear ya! Today its really just about the weather...its cold and rainy and I dont want to needlessly take E out in it!

    K does that too with E sometimes. If she cries - K will go over and say "I know Emmy but its ok"...or give her her teddy bear...so cute...melts my heart!

    It has been 1 week since bleeding has stopped...so thats why I am thinking of starting mild workouts. I mean some abs, mild weight lifting, squats/lunges and walking around the block.

    I dont go back to work until early June (still figuring out my go back plan) but DH and I are going to a concert next week and have a sitter lined up...so I needed her taking a bottle. I also had HUGE issues with K when I went back to work and she started taking regular bottles...so in an effort to avoid that this time some advice I got was to get her more comfortable with bottles and boobs early on...rather than an extreme switch...

  3. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    Pretty quiet out there...how are you ladies doing?

  4. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    We're doing pretty well! Weston still mainly sleeps on us - we've been working on getting him to sleep swaddled in the "newborn napper" that came with our playpen, but he is much noisier and doesn't sleep as long in it so right now we're just doing one stretch a night in it. The other night he went for 3 hours, but had to be shushed back to sleep at 2 hours and 2 and a half, so it's a work in progress. Going ok with my husband back at work - I'm not getting much accomplished but I've managed to take a shower and pick Bennett up from daycare every day, so that's something.

    And we got our newborn photos back! I'm totally in love with them.

  5. creativemomma15

    pear / 1610 posts

    Things are going pretty well over here... just busy! DD2 is 7.5 weeks old already!!! I can't believe it. We started getting small little smiles from her this week. That's always fun and makes it feel like there is actually a little person in there :). My DH has been back at work since week 1 so I got thrown into it pretty early on. DS goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and my mom has helped with drop offs and pick ups some there. Otherwise we are just learning to embrace the chaos of 3 kids 4 & under! DD2 is starting to nap better in the rock & play and that has been super helpful. She generally will do 1- 5hr stretch between feedings at night but other than that we are on a steady 3 hr feeding schedule. I'm feeling more myself these days and am looking forward to spring weather all the time. I just need to figure out how to have all the kids play outside at the same time by myself!

  6. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    @Mrs D: any luck with the bottle? My LO
    Will reluctantly drink a few ounces for DH, but will cry for nursing. At night she outright refuses a bottle !

    @erinbaderin: those photos are absolutely beautiful !

    I am finally settling into a routine so I think that's made me feel better. I have had the baby blues and have only recently pulled out (or begun to). Right now also dealing with insomnia - both my toddler and newborn are asleep and I just can't sleep! Gah!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  7. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @erinbaderin: glad you are getting some good stretches...I mean I am still super supportive of "you do what it takes to survive" at this point and if sleeping on you guys works then thats what works! Although I hope he lets up on you guys soon. E is such a noise baby/sleeper. All kinds of grunting/wimpers/sighs come out of her all night...I am finally adjusting to it and sleeping through the "normal" ones...

    @creativemomma15: Glad you are doing good and settling into it well. My DH also went back to work very early so - while I dont have 2 at home - E and I have had our little "routine" since early on.

    @MrsLilybugg: So...she did good for the first few days with the preemie nipple. Then she started collapsing that. I switched to a 1st stage nipple and life factory bottle and she took it fine the first day, some issues day 2...completely would not take it day three. I decided to skip the bottle today...we'll see how she does tomorrow!

    E will be 6 weeks tomorrow...I cant believe it! I had my check up this AM and all was good. So thats a relief. And I scheduled to have my Mirena procedure done 5/9. As if a 2.5 year old and newborn wasnt birth control enough!

    E is starting to stretch her feedings a bit...I get 3-3.5 hours for some of the daytime stretches...but some are till 2-2.5. At night I seem to get a 4.5 hour sleep and a 3 hour sleep. I'm totally happy with that. I can feel human with that much sleep!

    AFM...Super annoyed with my body. Just like with K I am struggling to drop any of the baby weight and its very frustrating. I am eating very good and balanced...right around 1500-1600 cals and am basically down just 20lbs from delivery weight (basically no change since coming home from the hospital). Super discouraging. I may start the 30 day shred soon...I started long walks this week...scale hasnt moved yet...fingers crossed. Not sure why my body holds on to every ounce when I breast feed!!! UGH!

  8. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    @Mrs D: How did you decide on the mirena? It's funny, after I had B I didn't worry about birth control at all because of infertility, but now I'm not so sure. How frustrating about the weight! It's only been 6 weeks, though, try to be kind to yourself!

    @MrsLilybugg: My friend had serious insomnia after her first, I felt so terrible for her. I hope you start to feel better soon!

    @creativemomma15: Wow, you're s rockstar! I feel proud of us for having 2 kids and 2 adults on weekends! The nice weather has been a mixed blessing - my son is delighted and wants to be outside all the time, but the 40 minutes between when I get home with him from daycare and my husband gets home are sort of chaos. The other day I found myself going "you're sure you want to go outside? You don't want to watch tv while we wait for daddy?"

    We've hit on a combination that seems to be working - a woombie bag and the nap bed that came with our playpen with the vibrate on seems to be working, Weston has slept on his own for 3 nights! He usually goes down around 9 and wakes up around 1 and 4, so that's not too bad. He's a great sleeper during the day, better on me but does pretty well in the mamaroo (which is nice because B hated it, it's nice to get some use out of it). In general, having 2 has been easier than I expected, although I'm sure it will get more difficult once Weston has his own wants. Right now he's so portable, it's easy to put him in a carrier and do what B wants. We went to the zoo on Saturday and he slept the whole time.

  9. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @erinbaderin: Thats awesome about the sleep! I finally found a swaddle that works great for E...its such a good feeling with you start to see success and a routine...isnt it? The weather is starting to really turn here too which makes evenings so much easier for us! We got K a wagon and she just loves playing in the driveway after dinner. I wear E and DH chases K (as needed). We usually end the evening with a walk around the block and a few videos on youtube,

    I know I should not fret yet too much about the weight its just so annoying seeing the same thing happening again. With K I never lost any weight while nursing...and struggled to lose 20lbs over a year after nursing. I was hoping to be able to do this differently since it is just getting harder and harder to lose weight as I get older...I have 20lbs to get back to pre-preg weight...another 15lbs to get to my happy weight...ugh!

  10. Lilbear

    apricot / 451 posts

    @Mrs D: I hear you on the weight loss frustration. Finn is 4 weeks old and my weight hasn't budged since week 2. I also still have 20 lbs to go. I haven't changed the way I eat though - I am relying on breastfeeding to do the trick lol! I keep trying to remember the 9 months on 9 months off saying. I look forward to fitting back into my old clothes!

    My biggest gripe right now is being sick of the postpartum bleeding. I will have zero bleeding for 24-36 hours, and then random heavy gushes of bleeding. It lasted 6-7 weeks after my 1st LO was born, and I am really hoping I doesn't last as long this time around!

  11. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    Hi everybody! Finally getting around to catching up on others and updating...

    Baby F is doing well! He's 7 weeks old, and definitely hit those 6 week fussies. But now he's smiling and getting cuter everyday. He is definitely not as good of a sleeper as my first son but I think this is more normal!

    Big Brother E loves to kiss and hold baby brother and is super good at playing by himself while I'm nursing or tending to brother.

    I really struggled around weeks 3-4 with some bad baby blues/borderline postpartum depression. It all felt so overwhelming but the fog has lifted and we are getting out of the house almost everyday as well as taking walks and seeing friends. I'm still exhausted but as the teacher of my second time mama reminded us all, this is not our new normal. Just a transition on our way to a new normal! We can do it!

    Here's a few pics of our newborn/family photo session. Love seeing everyone's pics!!!

  12. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    I can't believe how dark baby F is compared to big brother!

  13. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

  14. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

  15. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    @princessandthebee: those pictures are precious!!! That is great that older brother is good about letting you nurse. I'm also glad that you are feeling better and the baby blue fog is lifting

  16. Bubbles

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    Hello ladies! Wow I am late joining this party. I have found it hard to find time to HB during the adjustment! Things are going good with us, LO is 9 weeks tomorrow! Breastfeeding didn't work out for us this time which I am trying to let go of the guilt about - it just was not the right call for my mental health after DS2 started having the same tongue tie issues as DS1. We are all so much happier now he is FF and it was definitely the right decision for our family, but I feel pretty bad that he only got 4 weeks of BM and DS1 got 7 months!
    DS1 has adjusted well - there's definitely been some testing and attention seeking behaviour towards us, but he adores his little bro and is so affectionate which I wasn't expecting!
    We are still only getting about 3.5 hours max for sleep stretches - but he's now reliably going straight back down at night after a bottle, so our wake ups are only about 30 mins.

    Hope everyone is doing well, I have been reading along and loved seeing everyone's updates and pics of your gorgeous LOs!

  17. Lilbear

    apricot / 451 posts

    @Bubbles: don't beat yourself up about starting formula sooner than you had planned! You had very valid reasons for making the switch and your mental health is definitely way more important! Formula helps grow strong & healthy babies and 4 weeks of breastfeeding is still awesome - many babies are never breastfed at all!

    @princessandthebee: the pictures of your boys together are so adorable!

    This past weekend, my DD turned 3! We had a family birthday party and my grandmother (towards the end of the party and in front of everybody) asked me what exercise and diet plan am I following?!?!?! I was literally holding my 4 week old baby during this conversation! I was so flabbergasted and caught off guard. I told her that I wasn't doing anything outside of breastfeeding because I'm not supposed to be before my doctor clears me at 6 weeks - I should be focusing on healing and taking care of my new baby. She continued the conversation by telling me I should drink more water to control my appetite and that I should eat yogurt instead of ice cream....

    I know she is crazy and has no filter, but holy crap that was so rude and uncalled for!!!! I thought I was looking and feeling great about where I was at, but I have been so upset since this happened. I kept a good game face on during this awkward conversation, but I am embarrassed to say that I have had a few teary moments since then. 😟

    Meanwhile, I apparently have a super baby on my hands. The day Finn turned one month old, he rolled from his belly to his back during tummy time! Then he rolled two more times over the next few days!!! It's bananas!

  18. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @MrsLilybugg: thank you!

    @Lilbear: That is awful what your grandmother said, wow! how rude!!

  19. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    How is everyone doing out there?!?

    We're ok...two is definitely a struggle - especially with a power tripping toddler and a baby who is being a super fussy nurser! But we're getting by!

    Hope you ladies are all doing well!

  20. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    We're doing well! I'm actually finding two to be easier than I anticipated, but I think it will get harder once Weston gets mobile. He's a pretty easygoing baby which helps. He hates the car seat but is totally happy in the carrier or the stroller. I'm trying to make an effort to spend one on one time with Bennett - it's a bit difficult but mainly because I'm lazy and when the option is to either go to the park in the rain or stay home with a sleeping baby I tend to send my husband to the park. I impulse-bought a bouncy castle yesterday for Bennett to try to give him something fun in the backyard so he doesn't want to spend all day every day at the park, hopefully that will help! Trying to keep our days busy with walks and trips to Starbucks! Today on our schedule we've got a walk to Starbucks and a trip to Buy Buy Baby - on our walk yesterday we lost the giraffe Wubbanub, so I went to Toys R Us to replace it. They didn't have a giraffe so I bought a sheep, and Weston HATES it, so I have to go find a giraffe.

  21. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    March Mamas!!!

    How is everyone doing? Settling in to a routine/schedule with your new little ones? Its been so radio silent here - I know everyone is busy!

    E is now in Daycare fulltime and I am back to work. Its crazy how fast I feel like leave went by and I even extended it a few weeks!

    She's eating 5 times a day, 1 of those being a bottle of formula before bed so I can get a nice stretch (5-7 hours depending on the night). She naps like a champ at home in the swing (2-3 hours at a time) but really struggles at daycare...I feel bad for her. She'll learn though...

    K is still doing good with the transition, though we do think some of her attitude lately is indirectly the result of her sister joining the family.

    I still struggling with doing anything with both girls solo...its difficult...but I manage to accomplish some activities...I'll post a recent pic below! Hope you all are doing well...HUGS!

  22. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

  23. MrsLilybugg

    pear / 1650 posts

    @Mrs D: oh I feel so bad for not checking in - things have been so crazy! Your babes are so precious, what a sweet picture I hope your baby's naps have gotten better in daycare. And yes by now I'm sure you are a Master at solo outings with the girls but at the beginning it is SOOOOO HARD!

  24. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @Mrs D: your girls are so pretty!!!

    I wrote a nice long post about my kiddos, but HB ate it up. ARG!!!!

  25. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    I've been back at work for 2 months now and it's been rather exhausting with 2 kids!

    DD recently started STTN and it has been glorious. Since her big brother is 3yo and still doesn't STTN! Oof! She'll go down around 9:30 and wake sometime between 4 and 5 for a quick nursing session then go back down. Sometimes, she'll sleep till 6 before waking.

    DS loves his baby sister and dotes on her all the time. It's so heartwarming! He also asks to hold her frequently, even if it only lasts a few seconds because "she's heabee (heavy) mommy!". LOL!! Our lil girl a lil chunky, which I never though would happen to my kiddos since they're both IUGR babies. She's definitely bigger than big brother was at this age, and I'm totally in love with all her rolls. Although, it makes diaper changes quite a bit of work to get in between all those creases. lol

    DS is currently in the heavy throes of his threenager year and it's driving bonkers! Someone please constantly pour patience dust over me! Things that were never an issue or required much request, now require stern looks and even sterner voices, frequent threats of time out or loss of privilege, and total exasperation. Once in awhile, his warm, cuddly, momma's boy persona will shine through and make me melt all over for about 2 minutes before reminding me it was just a quick reprieve before the attitude resumes again. Potty training is also not going well. If anything, he's regressed. I wasn't pushing him before, but he understood the concept of the potty and would sit on it. He'd tell me when he'd go in his diaper, but didn't connect to the two. Now that I'm gently pushing it more, he's no longer telling me he went in his diaper; and if I ask if he did (which I know he did), he'll lie and say no he didn't. Arg!! No bueno!!

    Going out and about with two kids is also quite a bit of work. We love to travel, but I'm a bit overwhelmed and nervous with the logistics of traveling with two kiddos and their car seats and stroller since I'm not a fan of checking things. Our first big trip as a family of 4 may be to the land down under for my cousin's wedding. I'm definitely nervous how these two will handle an 18 hour flight and a complete 180 in time change! Rather, dealing with the time change when we get home since momma's gotta go back to work! Eek!

  26. Bubbles

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    Hey guys! So good to hear how you and your kids are doing! These 5 months have flown by! We are doing well, DS2 is a pretty easy baby and has been sttn since 4 months, he is a massive tank and drinks 40oz formula per day! DS1 has done ok, but we are dealing with quite a bit of aggression at the minute which is hard. Poor baby bro takes quite a few pinches and scratches. Hopefully we will be through this phase soon! I sah so am very used to solo outings with both by now - it sure is hectic though!

    Anyone thinking about solids yet? I'm probably going to start in a couple of weeks when DS is closer to 6 months, he seems so ready! I'm in no rush though this time.

  27. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @Bubbles: our pedi told us to start when DD was 4 months. We gave her some oatmeal cereal here and there, but I'm not in any rush or giving it to her on a consistent basis. If we're all having dinner at home and she hasn't had a bottle yet, then I'll feed her some since she's at the table with us. If she's already had a bottle, then she'll just sit in her highchair with us.

    I probably won't start something more routine till a lil later. She still can't sit full upright on her own yet anyhow.

  28. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    Finally coming back to this website to update. We're doing well, but some days are pretty stressful. Being a SAHM is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Here's a picture of my big happy guy.

  29. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    Finally coming back to this website to update. We're doing well, but some days are pretty stressful. Being a SAHM is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Here's a picture of my big happy guy.

  30. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    Hi ladies...Figured it was time for another check in...

    Cant believe E is almost 8 mos...time is going to fast. I have definitely been way more emotional as she hits milestones knowing she is my last baby.

    She's a pretty good baby - basically STTN (7pm-6/7am) with usually 1-3 binky replacements a night. She's been eating cereal (now fruits/veggies too) since 6 mos. I waited longer with her than I did with K and its been SO much easier. She had some mushy banana the other day and did great - and her fine motor skills is getting better now that she eats puffs and yogurt melts regularly.

    She sits, gets on all 4's, rocks and rolls like crazy. Not crawling yet thank god. She loves singing and being sang to, laughing at her sister and being tickled. She's generally chill but has a temper if she is 1) hungry or 2) feels she is being ignored.

    K is a total threenager, she tests our patience all the time. But really she is a great big sister - just in a fun "trying" phase. DH and I got away for 4 nights last week and it was amazing. We are so lucky to have people we can leave the girls with and know they are in great hands! Here's some pictures from earlier this month. Hope you ladies are doing well...would love to hear from you!

  31. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Alivoo01: So random...did you ever end up doing anything about DDs ear?

  32. Loscato

    olive / 64 posts

    Anyone else have a super mobile baby on their hands? I feel like he'll ever walking for sure by 10 months. I'm so exhausted!


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