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  1. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    Happy Thanksgiving November mamas! Today was my original due date - in honor of that I posted my birth story in the pregnancy category. Little E came 16 days before he was "supposed" to, but I'm so glad he did.

    @Ash: How are you doing?

    @FarmWifeGina: Any word?

    @shellio: @anbanan15: Thank you for sharing the details about pumping and storing the milk in the freezer. I have just recently switched to the 4 hour gaps between feeding and my breasts definitely feel engorged by the end of the 4 hours. I have no idea how my supply will be throughout his first year, but I am curious about pumping and storing. I may ask you more questions when I get my pump delivered. I appreciate your first-hand experience with your first LO. Best of luck with your supplies for your 2nd LO.

  2. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: @sweetooth: still contracting... pretty bad. I think it's the real deal this time! Hopefully I'll have a baby post later today!

  3. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: yay! Maybe a turkey day baby!! Good luck mama!

  4. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @sweetooth: ask away!

  5. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @Ash: gobble, gobble! Turkey with a side of sweet baby joy! I'll be thinking of you all day long!

  6. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @sweetooth: Nothing.

    But YAY @ash:!!!!

  7. ChitownRo

    clementine / 948 posts

    @Ash: oooh!! Good luck!!!

  8. mrsmacandcheese

    blogger / clementine / 985 posts

    @Ash: Good luck!! Can't wait to hear the news.

    I've been battling the baby blues lately -- especially in the evenings. But I went to bed a bit earlier last night (still took forever to get M down), and Mr. D is working from home today. It feels a lot better! We're still working out how to get her to sleep easily. She nurses to sleep but then has to burp and be swaddled again. I'm going to try nursing one side, swaddling, then nursing the other -- I've heard that she doesn't necessarily have to be burped for night feedings.

    I also wrote up my birth story! I'll have to post it sometime.

  9. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @Ash: thinking of you! Figuring it's a good thing if we haven't heard from you in this long- come on, baby!

  10. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @MrsDragon: sorry about the baby blues I think I have post partum anxiety, but I'm doing better after starting meds. I'll be thinking of you

    @Ash: Lack of an update= baby?! Hope so!!

  11. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: Also thinking of you! I keep checking back for an update and hoping that not finding one is a good sign

  12. Cara M. 17

    clementine / 825 posts

    @MrsDragon: We had to figure out the whole nursing and swaddling to - what a pain! We have been unswadling every other feeding to change her diaper. Then I will feed her on one side, burp,re swaddle, and feed the other side. Every other feeding I just feed her in the swaddle and do a shoulder burp with her swaddled. If I don't burp her she spits up!

  13. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @Ash: Hoping no news is good news! Been looking for updates all day!!

    @MrsDragon: I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down Evenings are worst for me, too. Do something relaxing for yourself if you can. For me, that's HB without a nursing baby in my arms, so I can use both hands to type, or taking a bath (once my C section incision is healing better). We are trying to figure out how to get him to sleep too! Sometimes I will put him down awake and he just dozes off but that doesn't always work. I don't like nursing my babies to sleep, both because of the bad habit (although I don't mind so much during the newborn phase!) and because the logistics are a pain in the booty. Swaddling before the second side is a good idea. Sometimes the little man really fills himself up on the first side though, and just sort of hangs out on the second side till he dozes off.

  14. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    I'll update more tomorrow - it's been a really long day.
    But we have a baby BOY! Ended up with a c section. He's in the nursery getting iv antibiotics. sad mommy and daddy but we are so so so in love and soooooooo shocked we have a baby boy!

    Thanks everyone for thinking of me!

  15. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: yay!! Congrats!! Wow! A little boy after the all the issues with spoiling your team green surprise it sounds like you really were surprised in the end! Hope he is feeling better and back in your arms soon!

  16. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: Oh my gosh, we couldn't have been more shocked. It was the best! He's a ham... 9#7oz. Long day but so worth it!

  17. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: So big! I cannot imagine your shock! Rest up mama. Can't wait to hear more later.

  18. Brassgiraffe

    cherry / 185 posts

    @shellio: yes!

    The quickie version: Katherine Marie was born two days early at 3:51am Tuesday after a fast and furious 6.5 hours of labor... Labor progressed WAY faster than I expected and when I was checked at triage, I was already 9.5cm dilated and very ready to push baby out! We're all happy, healthy, and trying to catch up on sleep. I can't wait to catch up with this board now that she's arrived.; I got into nesting overdrive last week and fell off of HB for a few days

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  19. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Brassgiraffe: Congrats!!

  20. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @Brassgiraffe: Ahhh! 9.5 dilation when you were checked in at triage! Amazing! Congratulations on your little girl

    @Ash: YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! He's here! You're a November mama after all! And 9lb 7 oz...I think it's good he was a c-section. Your lady bits might not like you after 9 lb 7oz pass through them I hope he's back in your arms soon and that mommy and daddy can be all smiles with their family of three.

  21. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @MrsDragon: Sorry to hear about the baby blues. I hope the sleep helps - and we're here for you! Nursing one side, then swaddling and nursing the other side sounds like a good plan. I sometimes nurse one side, burp, change his diaper, and then nurse the other side. He's so sleepy after nursing that I don't like to have to do anything but put him down afterwards.

  22. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: @sweetooth: I still can't believe I'm a mommy you guys! Dh has been hanging out in the nursery with our little man pretty much all night. And he was the most amazing birth partner. Talk about falling in love all over again! Definitely not the birth I wanted (everything that could go wrong did) but it all worked out in the end. I'm so so happy!

  23. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @Ash: oh my gosh, congrats!!!! So excited for you! I can't wait to see the little guy and hear his story! A LOT of us November mamas ended up with c-sections.

  24. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @lilteacherbee: Thanks so much! I was thinking that too. I was told it's the nurse's curse. Because literally if it could go wrong yesterday, it did!

  25. autumnlove

    hostess / wonderful watermelon / 39513 posts

    @Ash: Congrats!!!!!!

  26. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @Ash: Oh, I'm so happy for you! I've definitely heard if the nurse's curse too, such a bummer, but it sounds like you felt respected and involved in the decision-making process and that's what counts in how you feel about it afterwards. And the fact that you have a healthy baby. A VERY healthy baby BOY!!! OMG!

    Now, seriously, it's my turn. I guess at this rate I'm going to have December baby.

  27. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @Ash: Yay, congrats mama! So glad you got your surprise after all!

    @Brassgiraffe: Congratulations! I love the name Katherine

  28. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: I'm rooting for you and Cricket - three more days in November! Come on baby! We want to find out if there's one more baby boy or girl in the November baby crew!

  29. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @Ash: YOU'RE A MOMMY! I bet it will take a few more days in sink in...or maybe just one crazy night That's super sweet of your husband to hang with the little guy all night. And isn't it amazing how they step up and transform into supermen in the delivery room?

  30. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @autumnlove: Thanks so much!

    @FarmWifeGina: Awe, thank you! I definitely feel like it was the best decision (wait until you hear the reasons). Now come on little Cricket!

    @shellio: I know! Such a shocker! The most awesome surprise ever! Thank you!

    @sweetooth: yes! I couldn't believe it! He's amazing!

  31. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @Ash: I haven't been on here in forever...congrats!!

  32. ChitownRo

    clementine / 948 posts

    @Ash: congratulations!!! How wonderful!! I wish you an uneventful recovery I hadn't heard of nurse's curse but add me to that list with my unexplained angioedema, lol

  33. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @Mrs. J: Thank you! Hope you're doing well while dh has been back to work.

    @ChitownRo: Thank you! & as for the nurse's curse, I've heard of it but never thought about it until everything went to crap lol!

  34. DigAPony

    pear / 1787 posts

    @Ash: woohoo! Finally!

    @Brassgiraffe: congrats!

  35. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: Just curious but had you begun to stock up on girly items at the end or were you still planning as if you were team green with no expectations? I'm still so thrilled that you indeed ended up surprised by your little man in the end! I hope you are all doing well today and your able to get some rest.

    @FarmWifeGina: 2 days left in November! Come on Cricket! I'm getting antsy to hear if Cricket is a girl or boy! My money is still on girl

    @shellio: Awesome job! Sounds like you are like me and feel the need to save all the milk lol. I've got both my baby connect and milk maid apps going to keep track of the stash and I'm sure DH is thrilled to see milk in our fridge/freezers again He thinks it's gross (from a bodily fluid stand point) but thankfully understands the importance and benefits of BM for our children.

  36. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @anbanan15: I love my baby connect app. Yup tracking and constantly checking how much I've stored already My DH is almost as enthusiastic about it as I am! LOL. Also had to laugh at your DS asking if that was milk for his baby sister. My DS always talks about how baby brother eats milk from mama, and he definitely recognizes the pump parts!

  37. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: I so thought I already responded but I guess mama brain is in full swing!
    I was 99.99999% thinking girl so I bought and washed girl sleepers, onesies, diapers etc... When the doctor said "it's a boy!" it was the BIGGEST (and best) shock of my life! So now we have to scope out some boy deals (and definitely not newborn size). I still can't believe we have a son!

    One of these days I'll have to tell you girls about his birth....

  38. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: oh my goodness that's crazy awesome!

  39. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: need any girl clothes? Lol!

  40. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    Whadya think? Still not getting my hopes up.

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