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  1. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: @Ash: I'm still thinking about y'all I keep checking and hoping there's some good news!! I'm sure it's hard to stay patient!

  2. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    Is anyone else having trouble getting their LO to fit NB clothing? Particularly @ms.janedoe: since our LO's are similar in length? All but 2 of the NB outfits we have are not fitting and she is swimming in them. My mom is actually out right now hunting down some 5-9lb and preemie outfits for her. Hats aren't staying on (hospital measured her head wrong by 1"! It's 13.5" not 14.5"...when I delivered I thought I heard the nurse say 13.5" but she remeasured and recorded 14.5") and she needs preemie socks. Insane, because she isn't *that* small weight wise, but I guess her overall length is rather short. According to the CDC charts (I know I know, she should be on the WHO, but pedi printout still uses CDC) she is 25-29 per% for everything.

    @Ash: @lilteacherbee: Thanks! We were nervous she wasn't getting enough because the way she nurses and passes out lol, but clearly that's not the case.

  3. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @lilteacherbee: What a little rockstar! Keep up the good work!

  4. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    @anbanan15: at first, she was totally swimming in NB stuff, but now at 3 weeks, we've already retired the majority if her NB sleep n plays because her toes are too tight in the feet! It sucks though because she's still WAY too short for Carter's 3 month stuff...so I'm not really sure what to do!?

  5. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @ms.janedoe: oh my goodness 3 weeks old already! I feel like you JUST gave birth!! I know when we had DS I felt like the brand Little Me ran bigger than Carter's. DS outgrew Carter's NB first but was still able to wear Little Me NB before Carter's 0-3 mo fit well. Then the same thing with the next size. It also seems like Chaps from Kohls would run inbetween Carter's sizing. Do you have anything like those brands? I always felt Gymboree to be hit or miss with their sizing being all over the place within the same size and material. Not sure what all you've tried besides Carter's

  6. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    With my first two labors, my plug came out as gobs of stringy mucous...buuuuut, there was no mistaking what I just wiped was my plug. And not just chunks either, THE PLUG. Maybe this'll happen this week yet! Now we wait...

  7. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: Eeeek! Come on, cricket!

  8. mrsmacandcheese

    blogger / clementine / 985 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: yay! Come on baby!!

    We're doing a bit better over here. M is gainin weight back and pooping up a storm, plus I got my staples out and can move again! Just have to get her sleep sorted out.

  9. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: come on cricket! the time is NOW!

    @MrsDragon: Glad to hear you're able to move again and your LO is gaining weight.

    I had my 2 week appointment yesterday and Elliott is back up, past his birth weight! Mama and baby have been working hard with all of the feedings and diaper changes. I'm so proud of him.

  10. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @ms.janedoe: I'm with you too. Elliott only fits into a few newborn outfits. Otherwise, we keep him in white, long-sleeve shirts with mits, his diaper, and zipped up in a sleep sack! Those puppies have been our savior. They are for ages 0-9 months, so we see a lot of time being spent in them.

  11. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @lilteacherbee: yay for growth! and for LC appointments. I found it fascinating to have him weighed before and after each breast to see how much he is really getting. Hope all is well down south with the crazy weather. You're in NC, right?

  12. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @Ash: @MrsDragon: @sweetooth: Boo, nothing happening. I went to bed and the regular contractions I was having stopped and I slept pretty well. Oh well, SOMETHING is happening and more than likely it will be soon. I just pumped and bounced for 25 minutes (yes, at the same time- it worked last time to get active labor started!) and it didn't do much. Will probably keep trying through the day, but I still don't want to be wearing myself out too much.

  13. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @sweetooth: Good job mama and baby!!

    Alright so I thought my SPD pain would have gone away after delivery (and it seemed to) but the last few days it's been getting worse and worse again! Ugh and ouch!! Probably from the oxytocin being released during nursing but seriously make it stop!!!

  14. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @FarmWifeGina: it's more than I have going on! Fingers crossed today is your day!

  15. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @MrsDragon: glad you're feeling better!

    @sweetooth: you've worked so hard to get baby e's weight back up - way to go mama!

    @anbanan15: ouch! Hope you start feeling better!

  16. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @anbanan15: Oh man, that sounds awful! Physical therapy, chiropractor adjustment, anything like that a possibility of being helpful?

  17. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    I just pumped for the first time and got 5 oz after 5 min! DS walked in and goes "what you doing? Making milk for my baby sister?" Haha

    @FarmWifeGina: Most likely. I'm going to see how it goes over the weekend before doing anything. It's mostly bad at night, turning over, getting out of bed etc at this point.

  18. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    I had my appt at 11... cervix is still the same but my midwife stripped my membranes and then I had an nst... baby's hr was consistently pretty high so they sent me for lunch and now I'm having another nst. If everything is okay and I don't go into labor, my induction is set for Monday. Fingers crossed baby is okay!

  19. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: Holy crap, you're a milk machine! Way to go! No wonder why your baby girl eats and falls asleep so quickly!

  20. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @Ash: Monday is too far away! I hope all is well with baby. Enjoy the heartbeat during the nst

  21. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @sweetooth: Monday is December! December! Yikes! Thanks mama!

  22. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @anbanan15: @Ash: Thank you!

    @anbanan15: I'm waiting for my machine to come from insurance before I try to pump. But I'm also not in any rush to do it. Is there a reason why you pumped already? Something I don't know as a FTM?

  23. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: Ahh I hope everything is okay! Sounds like if it is a December baby is in the works?!

    I just said that to DH! No wonder she passes out after 5 min! I stopped pumping after 5 min too so who knows how much I would have gotten after the normal 15 pumping session.

    @sweetooth: No reason. I have to go back to school next Thursday and I will need a stash for when I go back in Jan. I was also trying to relieve a little engourgement since she doesn't nurse very long and happened to be sleeping soundly for a few hours already.

  24. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @anbanan15: well, I'm having uterine irritability so maybe that will lead into contractions which will lead into labor! What'ya think? Lol! Baby is looking way better this time around. I think baby was irritated after she stripped my membranes. But yeah, if not a December baby could be in order. Isn't that crazy? We made it for Monday in hopes of being able to still go on my own.

  25. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @Ash: you're bridging the gap!

  26. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @Ash: Insane! I hope things happen for you soon. You've been waiting so patiently! Amazing! Come on baby!! Btw, I can't help but wonder when I would have delivered

  27. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @sweetooth: @anbanan15: I just wanted to make sure everyone else had their babies first hahaha!
    Baby looked better so they sent me home. Yay! Having crazy cramping and low back pain - hope it sticks around! Come on baby!

  28. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @sweetooth: I have been pumping after feeding 2-3x a day (that's my goal anyway). I have been doing it for 3 reasons: 1. build up a freezer stash, last time my supply really tapered off as he approached 1 year. 2. To improve my supply, more demand and more breast emptying = more milk supply 3. To relieve engorgement, especially overnight as he's sleeping a 4-5 hour stretch most nights. Last time I had a lot of plugged ducts and got mastitis so I'm hoping to avoid those issues.

  29. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @anbanan15: Awesome! My supply has been better this time around, but not 5 oz in 5 min after a feeding better!

    @Ash: @FarmWifeGina: Come on babies, November is dwindling away!!

  30. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @sweetooth: @shellio: I love the security of having a huge freezer stash "just in case". We may have purchased a chest freezer specifically for my milk (after taking over my parents first) and I may have gone to drastic measures once or twice during a bad storm to ensure my milk was safe in case of power outages

    @shellio: I'm glad your milk production has improved this time! That's awesome!

    @Ash: @FarmWifeGina: Come on babies!! HB wants to meet you!

  31. FarmWifeGina

    pear / 1571 posts

    @shellio: @anbanan15: TRYING!!!! I actually drove into town and walked curbs for awhile, lol (one foot on the curb, one foot off, can help open the pelvis). I've been trying to center and release my anxieties and expectations, talking to my doula mentor, just trying to get my own self out of the way. Being a birth worker can get in the way sometimes, baha. But I'm feeling better. Really, I'm only 41 weeks, so I'll just sit and bounce on my ball and wait. If nothing happens by Friday, I'll be talking to my back up practice about getting in for an NST the beginning of next week.

  32. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    I'm not gonna lie... I'm really really freakin antsy!

  33. ChitownRo

    clementine / 937 posts

    @Ash: I'm sorry about the waiting. Have you considered castor oil? It worked for me (2 tbspns mixed with a smoothie).. And I think I didn't poo during pushing bc I had so much diarrhea the day before (a silver lining)

  34. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @ChitownRo: that's the one thing I'm not real hot on trying lol! Doing yoga ball, sex and acupressure.... I'm not fond on having the trots.

  35. ChitownRo

    clementine / 937 posts

    @Ash: yah, I did all of those things too plus uber spicy food, pineapple, lots of walking. I wanted to avoid the diarrhea if possible but then felt desperate and tried it.

    It did give me external hemorrhoids to start the labor process though, no fun

  36. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @ChitownRo: I don't think I'm that determined lol! I'm hoping these contractions pick up tonight and don't fizzle out again!

  37. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @ChitownRo: Wow, hemorrhoids, that stinks

    I have heard from multiple friends that castor oil did the trick!

    @anbanan15: Yes we may have also bought a separate freezer when first DS was born for the freezer stash. We also moved when I had several hundred oz in the freezer and I may have come up with an elaborate plan for getting all the milk safely from one house to another. I'm with you on the obsession - so proud to be at >60 oz now

  38. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    @Brassgiraffe: Any baby update for us?

  39. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    Tonight is a repeat of Sunday night/Monday am!

  40. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts


    @Ash: how did your night end up?

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