Any other July mommies-to-be out there? I think I saw some other ladies with BFPs on the TWW board these past few weeks!

This is our first pregnancy and we are over the moon! It will be the first grandchild for both sides of the family (hubs is the younger of two brothers and I am an only child). We're due July 13 and my first prenatal appointment is November 29.

I am SUPER paranoid about everything, though. Not about what I eat or how I exercise or stuff like that, I just have a feeling that I am (a) not really pregnant, maybe an ectopic pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy OR (b) going to have a miscarriage. I just keep reading on other message boards about how other moms have lost their babies early on and I get all worried.

Anyone else out there who is a big of a spaz as I am?