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    Our board is so quiet now. Everyone must be busy with their sweet little loves!

    M is almost 6 months and I can't believe our babies are already this big! We finally have him out of swaddles and out of the Merlin. He rolls to his tummy and sleeps there which is nice, but of course I check his breathing a ton of times each night!

    Daycare has been going really well and I'm thankful to send him to a place that loves him. They love his belly laugh and that he laughs at everything all day long.

    We are working on sitting unassisted, but he still tips right over. He would rather stand up and look around. No teeth yet, but he's been teething for months. I'm hoping teeth stay away as long as possible for my boobs' sake 😉

    I also got my first period two weeks ago 😫

    How is everyone and their LO doing?


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