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June 2013 Post-Partum Thread

  1. Revel

    pear / 1563 posts

    @tlcbaby: Hello! This thread has really quieted down hasn't it?

    We're doing well. LO is so fun these days. Still not sleeping very well - she just started giving us one 4-5 hour stretch the last few nights, but then she is wide awake afterwards and won't go down. I end up bringing her in bed with us so I can get some sleep too, but I'm concerned about the logistics of that with me going back to work and needing to get up before she does. She has been going down around 8:30 and is up for the day around 8 these days.

    I'm also considering moving her out of our room and into her crib soon. She's never slept in it. I just in the last week have gotten her to take one nap a day in her PnP upstairs in our room (where she sleeps at night), so the crib is the next step. Her naps have not consolidated at all so I battle to get 3 to 5 30 minute naps out of her every day.

    Still feeling overwhelmed by the transition back to work but I'm trying to stay as positive as possible. I go back in two weeks.

    How has working been for you?

  2. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @Revel: He has napped in his crib today, he is on his second nap right now and he seems to do fine. He slept an hour this morning so hopefully I can do this for naps until we are ready for nighttime. Then I can put the pack n play away and our downstairs won't look so much like a daycare!

    Eh, work is fine. I mean, I like the time to be an adult and do my own thing, but I work at 5:00pm when everyone else's day is ending so I have to take A to the childcare and some days he is good and some days he is fussy for them. Plus even if I wanted him to have an earlier bedtime it is always going to have to be 8:00 or a little after because I can't get home and get him in bed before then. I wish I could work earlier in the day, but other than that it is going well.

  3. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    I'm back at work as of yesterday. LO seems to do OK at daycare, though she isn't napping well at all. This means she's very tired when I get her home and it's a struggle to keep her awake so she won't wake up for the day at 2 am! I hope we find a pattern soon!!!

  4. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: I think we're going to sleep train pretty soon too. I'm pretty sure she's ready. She can soothe herself back to sleep within a few minutes for naps, and I've seen her do it at night (on the monitor) a few times too. (When she wakes up and starts crying at a weird time I'll watch her a minute or two before I go in, to see if she'll settle. She usually doesn't but sometimes she does!)

    She's been in her crib in her own room since her 7th week. Basically, she stayed over night at my MIL's house one Saturday, and we brought the pack n play for that, and didn't feel like setting it back up when we got home that night. So in to her crib she went, and she's been there ever since. I sleep much better, not hearing every move she makes.

  5. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: Keep us updated on how it goes. A doesn't self soothe very often, but he can put himself back to sleep after night feedings so I know he is capable.

  6. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: I figured it out by accident! She started crying during a nap and I was in the basement getting laundry out of the dryer - it was work clothes so I didn't want to just leave them or they'd be all wrinkled and need ironing. So 5 minutes later, I finally went up and realized she'd stopped crying and was back asleep. Now I leave her a few minutes when she fusses, and sure enough, she usually goes back to sleep!

  7. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: Maybe I should give it a shot!

  8. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: totally! Same thing last night. Crying and struggling out of swaddle at 3 am. I left her crying in her crib while I made the bottle because it's way easier and faster than trying to do it with a crying baby in my arms. I even turned on the light in her room! Came back to find her... asleep. Slept for an hour and a half more before waking and wanting food.

  9. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: I am dipping my toes in with it. I left him for one of his naps yesterday and after about five minutes of fussing he fell asleep on his own and took a good nap. But I'm not fully committed to it yet. I want DH and I to talk about it and decide exactly what we plan to do before I full on go for it

  10. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: definitely. I need to at least skim Ferber. Glad it worked tho!

  11. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    Well, my little girl, 1 day shy of 12 weeks old. rolled from her back to her belly last night in the middle of the night. Yay for her! She wasn't' happy about it though. Not one bit. Especially since she was swaddled at the time.

  12. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: aww! Did she start fussing right away?

  13. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: I think so! She woke us up and was squirming a lot. My husband went in and flipped her over!

  14. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: Poor thing.

    I am sitting here trying to get A to bed before Big Brother starts. Priorities. I have them.

  15. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: nice. Her bedtime is 9 because she'll sometimes sttn that way or at least go back to sleep after waking. Any earlier and she is up for the day at 4!!

  16. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    How is everyone doing? A is getting to be so much fun. It is so great seeing his smiles and knowing what he enjoys. He is grabbing at his toys and constantly has his hands in his mouth. I am still waiting to hear those first baby giggles. I literally cannot wait!

    We learned about infant massage in new moms group yesterday and I am going to try and do it after his baths.

    My mom is going to babysit for a few hours today so I can do some school work and I am even going to eat lunch all by myself. The only problem is he still isn't thrilled with taking a bottle so we are trying to give him more bottles at home to get him used to it. He screams at it, but eventually gives in.

  17. knittylady

    pomegranate / 3212 posts

    Ladies... It's just about this time last year that we got our BFP's! I found out at the very end of September... Crazy! I was thinking yesterday how fun it will be to take DS apple picking and remembered that last year when I went I had crazy bad morning sickness. So happy and wonderful to be on the other side!

  18. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @knittylady: I was just thinking that! I got my BFP Sept. 19 - tomorrow. haha. My how life has changed.

    She is doing well at daycare - I went back to work 5 weeks ago when she was 11 weeks old. She did catch a fever and we took her to the ER a few weeks ago. it was almost 103 and tylenol wasn't doing the trick. Turned out to just be a bug that was going around. I caught it myself a few days later. She has a stuffy nose right now that I'm hoping won't turn in to a full fledged cold. She also MIGHT be starting to teethe. We aren't sure. She's been drooly for a month or more though and she is constantly trying to jam everything in her mouth lately.

    She also loves to stand upright and has been trying really hard to sit up, too. I registered for a johnny jump up doorway hanger and received it, and opened it only to realize that our old home has no practical doorframes she can use it with. So I ended up buying a jumperoo at Once Upon A Child, which I hate having because it's huge and we can barely step around it -- but she likes it a lot, so I guess that's the tradeoff!

    Since she was showing signs of being ready, and with 4 month sleep regression looming, we decided to start sleep training. While I haven't read the ferber book, I am basically using his method. We feed her a bottle, put on jammies/change diaper, then I take her upstairs at 8:20 and read her a book or two. At 8:30, I sing her a quick song and lay her down in her crib, then shut the door and leave.
    The first night, she fussed for about 20-25 minutes. I checked her at 5 minutes, then again 8 minutes after that. Was going to go in after 10 more minutes, but she fell asleep 9 minutes into that stretch!! Then she woke up a half hour later and fussed some more. I again checked on her after 5 minutes, but did not have to go back in 10 minutes later - she was back asleep.
    The second night didn't go so well. She cried for about an hour, and I checked her every 10-15 minutes until she finally fell asleep.
    Last night was amazing! So amazing that it had to be a fluke. First off, she sat through the whole book (One Fish/Two Fish -- kind of a long one!) without fussing, which is insane for her. Then, I sang her a song and lied her down with eyes open, shut the door, and steeled myself for the fuss. It never happened. In the time it took me to walk downstairs and grab my phone to check our video monitor app, she apparently fell asleep. Then she woke up 1.5 hours later and let out one tiny little fuss, and went right back to sleep until 6:30 AM!! Can every night be like last night???

  19. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    I just went and posted on the summer mama's thread today because this one had been so quiet!

    @knittylady: I thought about this recently, too. Today is my anniversary and I realized that I was probably pregnant today last year and didn't know it yet for a couple more weeks.

    We are planning to go to a pumpkin patch soon to get Baby A's first pumpkin, I am so excited!

    @LazyLightning: A wants to stand all the time, too! I didn't think he was ready for an exercauser but my sister put him in hers when she watched him last week so we might get one soon so he can stand and play more.

    Fingers crossed that last night will repeat itself for you! We haven't been hardcore sleep training, but I no longer rock A to sleep. I just lie him down and sit in the rocking chair on the other side of the room until he falls asleep. Soon I think I'll try leaving the room, but I haven't done it yet.

  20. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: Does he go to sleep calmly with you sitting there? I think she's a drama queen as she is much more whiny if you're in the room. With her naps too. If she sees you, she's awake and fussing. If she doesn't see you, she might fall back asleep or quietly lie awake a while.

    Happy anniversary! Ours was about a week and a half ago or so.

  21. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: He fusses just a bit sometimes, but if he does I just get up and walk over and rub his chest and tell him Mommy is right here and go sit back down once he is calm. Sometimes he doesn't fuss at all!

    Did you do anything to celebrate your anniversary?

  22. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: We did! It fell on a monday so we went to lunch that day. But on the Saturday preceding, we went out to dinner and then watched a movie at home. LO stayed with her grandma that evening, which was a nice break.

  23. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: That is so nice! We might actually try to sit down and watch a movie together after LO falls asleep.

  24. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: I forget... are you working or doing the SAHM thing? Do you have a job where you could leave for lunch? Babyless lunch was nice, haha!

  25. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: Mostly SAHM, working two nights a week teaching classes at the Y so lunches out usually include LO. We did have a nice romantic dinner Friday night, though. It was awesome!

  26. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: at least there was that!! I was actually a little 'bummed' - we picked a restaurant where service always takes forever, since we cannot possibly do that type of restaurant with a squirmy, fussy LO. On that night, of course it was lightning fast and we were in and out in less than an hour - the one night we actually had time to sit around and chat!

  27. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @LazyLightning: Ha! Our dinner was the opposite - they knew we were out for the evening without LO so they kept saying "take your time" and he just let us drink our wine for a while and then did appetizers, then the entree. It was great.

  28. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    @tlcbaby: Nice! I basically gulped down my margarita, our food came so fast!!


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