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September 2013 Mamas

  1. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    @MapleMoose: thinking of you today

  2. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    @MrsStormy: @MrsClownfish: @illumina: Thanks girls! Waiting for the call from the hospital. They can call us in anytime between 6am to 10pm. Was hoping my labor would start on its own but it is what it is. I'm just excited for the prize at the end.

  3. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    Finally at the hospital and the induction has begun! Cervix dilated 1cm and 50% effaced with baby's head far down. Having contractions but they aren't painful or regular at this point. Had Misoprostol pill placed to get things moving so now I'm confined to the bed for the next two hours.

  4. MrsClownfish

    cherry / 199 posts

    @MapleMoose: hope everything is going well

  5. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    @MapleMoose: good luck mama!!

  6. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    @MrsClownfish: @illumina: Thanks ladies! Started the Pitocin and now the contractions coming hard and fast.

  7. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    @MapleMoose: hang in there! She'll be here soon!!

  8. MrsStormy

    clementine / 818 posts

    @MapleMoose: yay, you are so close!

  9. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    @MapleMoose: exciting!! Good luck! Soak every minute up!

  10. jetsa

    grapefruit / 4663 posts

    @MapleMoose: yay! Glad things are started for you!

  11. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    This comment has been deleted by the original poster.

  12. illumina

    pomelo / 5469 posts

    @MapleMoose: ahhh mama she's beautiful

  13. MrsStormy

    clementine / 818 posts

    @MapleMoose: Welcome to the party Mackenzie! She is gorgeous mama!

  14. MrsClownfish

    cherry / 199 posts

    @MapleMoose: congratulations!

  15. Mrs squirreld

    nectarine / 2522 posts

    @MapleMoose: congrats so glad she's here finally!! Enjoy every second!

  16. LittleGBee

    apricot / 319 posts

    @MapleMoose: She. is. gorgeous. Congratulations!


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