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November 2019 Mamas!

  1. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @Ms. RV: Oh my, that is very exciting! I’m glad to hear your son is doing alright after all of that. And I hope you’re doing well as well. C section recovery is no joke. Hug all the pillows and take it slow. Congratulations again!! 🎈🎈🎉 🎉

  2. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @Ms. RV: wow, so glad you are both doing well! welcome baby boy!!!

  3. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    Never done one of these summaries before myself so hope I get it right, but thought I would update!

    10/25 11/29: karenbme (#1) Bernadette Cassandra
    11/4: Ms. RV (#3)

    November 2019 Mamas
    10/17: Umberto (#2)
    11/19: chuckles (#2)
    11/21: nwm (#3)
    11/23: lemonjack (#3)
    11/27: rattles (#4)
    12/2: Beebeeholiday (#4), bees_knees (#4)

    Always in our hearts
    schubro3, sweetcaroline, raspberries

  4. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    how is everyone doing? i thought since i was 40+4 and 40+5 with the last two that i would for sure go past 40 again, but i am starting to feel really close & have lost my mucus plug. i honestly can't recall when i lost it last times but i think it was much later. i guess we'll see!

  5. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @nwm: I feel the same way. I went to 40+3 and 40 exactly, but will be surprised if I make it to my due date this time around. How do you you feel about potentially going a little earlier this time?

  6. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @LemonJack: so interesting! i have mixed feelings. on the one hand, i would be glad not to experience those post-due date waiting days, they are honestly pretty miserable. and i am ready to have a snuggly baby in my arms and start moving towards our new normal! that said, i totally scheduled a bunch of things i do not want to miss (work and personal and kids' school, etc.) for this entire week, through sunday, on the assumption i wouldn't be in labor, so i will feel a little dumb to miss all that stuff. overall probably worth it though. what about you?

  7. Beebeeholiday

    olive / 74 posts

    Hey everyone!
    Lost my mucous plug and had a "bloody show" on Friday, but it's now Tuesday and no action. Looks like I will need to get induced due to my high BP, so OB stripped my membranes yesterday to see if we could get anything started on its own. Apparently, no dice. Because I'm still here! However, I am 4 cm dilated and almost 80% effaced, so there has been definite progress made.

    Induction scheduled for this coming Monday night, 11.18.

  8. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: wow exciting! i'm sorry to hear about high BP, but sounds like your body is getting pretty ready. 4cm seems like you should be super favorable for an induction hope everything goes great! my doc also said given it's my third baby and the fact that my second was born really fast (once they started pitocin), and that i'm GBS positive, that i can pretty much schedule an induction any time after 39 weeks, which is thursday. if i make it until then, i may go ahead & schedule for monday and tuesday, so looks like we could be going around the same time!

  9. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @nwm: I’m feeling similar in that I didn’t think I would go early, so I feel like I have a lot to finish up this week! Plus, the timing would work out great for my leave if I were to go closer to my due date. At the same time, I’m trying to have the attitude of it not being a big deal, because I know it’s really not.

  10. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: I know inductions aren’t the best, but hopefully with you being 4 cm and 80% effaced it’s a smooth process!

  11. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: That’s so exciting! At 4cm, I bet you’ll go really quickly once they start the induction. Sorry to hear your BP is high, but it sounds like you’re in good shape to deliver. 😃

    @nwm: Thanks for posting the update! It sounds like things are coming along for you, too! Do you think you’ll schedule an induction or wait it out? I imagine going past is pretty miserable, but it does sound like you’re on track to meet your LO sooner rather than later. Even if you have stuff planned, I’m sure people would understand. 😉

  12. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    How’s everybody doing? @nwm: @LemonJack: @Beebeeholiday: Any babies yet?

  13. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @karenbme: thanks for checking in! Indeed, after we scheduled an induction for Tuesday, baby boy was born yesterday evening after a very quick labor! They didn’t have time to do the full treatment for GBS so we’re under observation until tomorrow but looking forward to going home! How are you doing? Hope all the other November mamas are doing great!

  14. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @nwm: oh yay congrats! Our hospital makes all GBS+ patients stay two nights so I feel you! (My GBS came back pos this time too, so guess I get an extended “vacation”😆)

    I’m over here feeling sorry for myself. I have an induction scheduled for the 29th (yay!)...Our renovations were supposed to be mostly done by then, but instead we won’t even have any kitchen cabinets or laundry until the second week of December Plus one of my kiddos just came down with the stomach flu, so hoping that doesn’t make its way through the house—especially with no washer and dryer. My awful, unhelpful MIL who hasn’t visited us in 8 months chose last weekend to visit—38 weeks pregnant when our house is a construction zone and DH was busy sheetrocking. Neat. And I’m starting to feel really uncomfortable and just over it in general!

    Told you I was feeling sorry for myself

    @karenbme: How is Berdie doing? Hope you’re all settling in well!

    @Beebeeholiday: I bet baby is here by now!

  15. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @nwm: That’s so exciting, congratulations! Sorry to hear you were GBS positive, but hopefully you’ll get home and settled today. How are you/your new LO/the rest of the fam holding up?

    @bees_knees: Yay for having a date when you’re going to meet your baby. It’ll all be over soon. 😉 But that stinks that your renovation is so far behind. Fingers crossed your kiddo just has a quick bug and it doesn’t spread to the rest of the family. Especially with a new little one coming next week that would be tough.

    We’re doing well at home. Baby girl is growing like a weed. She was 18.25 inches at the doctor on Wednesday and we measured her at home yesterday and got 19 inches, which might be a little off (she was wiggling around) but still probably grew half an inch in 4 days. We’re still struggling to breastfeed, but I have plenty of supply, so she nurses and then gets a bottle while I pump for most feeds. I’m hoping to change that as she gets bigger/stronger, but for now it’s what we need to do.

  16. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @karenbme: Glad to hear things are going well and that Birdie is growing so well too. That’s always the biggest worry especially when they’re so tiny! Thanks for checking in! Baby came last night and it’s a boy! It was super fun in delivery as the nurses and doctors were all putting in their bets. Boy was the overwhelming guess, so people were right.

    My labor was long for a third. I woke up with pretty regular contractions at 4:30 yesterday morning, but he wasn’t born until 10:30 last night! Things really slowed down for awhile, but then suddenly I went from 7.5 to 10 in 20 minutes, and he was out in less than four contractions. We’re just laying low and enjoying the fact that he’s so sleepy today so we can rest up. His big sisters will stop by to meet him later.

  17. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @bees_knees: The end is so hard, even without the added stress of house projects and sick kids. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that the stomach flu doesn’t go through your entire house. 🤞

  18. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @nwm: Congratulations! It’s so exciting to hear about everyone having their babies. It seems like the nine months flew by.

  19. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @LemonJack: congratulations on your baby boy! I’ve always heard third labors are a toss up but glad he’s here safely I totally agree on the 9 months flying by!

  20. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @LemonJack: Congratulations on baby boy! Sounds like your labor was tough, but at least the pushing went quickly. Enjoy the rest in the hospital while you can! And, yeah, growth is the biggest concern for Berdie right now, but she hit the ounce a day target at her doctor’s appointment last week, and if she keeps growing at this rate by her due date she’ll be 20+ inches and more than 7lbs, which we feel good about.

  21. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @LemonJack: congrats!! Yay for a ! Sorry your labor was long but hopefully sounds like the worst was over quickly. Mine was short but definitely more painful than number two where I had the epidural basically from the beginning.

    @karenbme: So glad you guys are doing well and sounds like berdie is thriving! The nurse then pump routine Can be hard but it sounds like you are doing amazing.

    @bees_knees: ugh. 38 weeks is so hard without all that stuff going on. Hope that the virus stays limited and that it all gets a little easier in the next couple weeks.

  22. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    So far no one else has thrown up (it’s been 48 hours) so I’m hoping that’s that?

    I had my last OB appt today—she checked me and said I’m “very favorable” (2 cm/70% effaced). I’m actually hoping I make it until my scheduled induction date at this point (the 29th 😂). I can’t remember how dilated/effaced I was with previous pregnancies at this point? I feel like I am def more effaced than I usually am at 38 weeks.

  23. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @bees_knees: That’s great that no one else has gotten sick. Hoping it stays that way. You may still make your induction date. I have a friend who walked around 100% effaced and gradually dilating for almost a month. She kept telling people that the next time they saw her she’d probably have a baby, which eventually was true, but it took a while.

  24. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @karenbme: @nwm: Thanks! The labor was long, but honestly I would rather have that than not get to the hospital on time!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

  25. Beebeeholiday

    olive / 74 posts

    Sorry i didn’t post sooner!

    Cleo Marigold was born on 11/19. I had a wonderful labor and delivery (aside from her being sunny side up and me needing some stitches). 6 hours start to finish.
    She was 7 lbs, 1 ounce.

    We are at home recovering and doing well!

  26. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: Congratulations!!

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. DD has been in the spirit for sure, according to my baby tracker app she nursed for more than 5 hours both today and yesterday. 🤯 Hopefully this is a growth spurt and not a long term situation.

  27. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: congrats!! Love the name!!

    @karenbme: Hope you had a great thanksgiving as well! We are definitely also spending hours and hours nursing over here ourselves. This week I have a couple of outings scheduled and they are going to be very welcome after all this couch time.

  28. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @Beebeeholiday: cute name! Congrats!

    Baby girl is here! I got induced yesterday and had her three short hours after they started my pitocin drip...she was ready! She’s super chunky—8 lb 11 oz! Nursing like a champion. Everything went pretty smoothly besides my epidural failed (making me 0/4 for labor pain management ) We are home and recovering well...her big brothers LOVE her and so far she is a very relaxed baby so I am counting my blessings

  29. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @bees_knees: yay! Congratulations!!!

  30. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @bees_knees: Congratulations! And I’m super impressed with you delivering an almost 9 lb baby without pain management!

  31. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    Hi, ladies. Just wondering how everyone is doing!

    I feel like time has flown. DD is 10 weeks old already, and I go back to work at the end of next week. She’s still a peanut, but up to the 10th percentile for weight and 38th for length. I’m so anxious about sending her to daycare, but ready to get back to real life, too.

    Hope you’re all doing well/enjoying your time with your babes!

  32. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @karenbme: hey! sounds like you guys are doing wonderful, and excellent growth for your little peanut : ) hope the transition to daycare goes great.

    we are doing well over here. DS2 was diagnosed with a heart defect at 2 weeks, which was a little scary, but so far he has been thriving so our follow up with the cardiologist was really positive. we are going to keep monitoring every few months, but right now they are hopeful it is shrinking and may even resolve on its own. the other two kids are doing well adjusting also, and i'm going to be back at work next week. like you, i'm excited to get back to the real world but a little anxious handing over the littlest one to our nanny. she's been with us for a long time and i think she's wonderful, but...she's not me! but, i go through this every time and eventually relax. i know he will be well cared for even if he's not cared for in the exact way i would do it.

    oh, and also i was seriously considering not BFing this baby, and then had my traditional crisis around a few days for a week where it was so miserable i thought i may as well not. but now things are actually going pretty well and i'm feeling more optimistic about surpassing my 2 months goal and actually continuing to BF/pump at work for a while longer. i know the goals are more modest than a lot of people have but given my history with BFing I'm feeling pretty good about it!

  33. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @nwm: Glad to hear the prognosis is good for your LO. And that’s great that breastfeeding is going well and you’re thinking you’ll meet/exceed your goals! Pumping at work is going to be challenging, but I’m hoping to continue to make it work, too. DD wasn’t transferring milk, so I’ve been EPing for almost 3 weeks now and it’s working well, but finding even an hour a day is going to be a challenge even though I have an office with blinds and a lock on the door. I’m hoping to make it to 5-6 months. Her SIDS risk will drop at 5 months, so that was my original goal, but then SIL, who is a pediatric intensive care doctor, told me that there’s compelling new research showing 6 months of breastfeeding decreases the risk of a certain kind of leukemia by 30-50%. In the big picture, leukemia is unlikely, so if I don’t make 6 months I won’t lose sleep, but it would be nice.

  34. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @karenbme: hi! Hope you are enjoying your last few days of maternity leave! I’m sure you’re feeling a full range of emotions. Also, props for EP! That takes a TON of work, you should be proud!

    @nwm: I bet that was a scary diagnosis! Sounds like it is looking ok though, glad you are all transitioning well. Way to go on the BFing front, you should be really proud of yourself!

    AFM, we are doing great! DD is 6.5 weeks old, is up 3.5 lbs. Breastfeeding is going really well, my older boys loooove their baby sister. She is a super chill baby...she regularly is sleeping 4-5 hour stretches, they just aren’t always at night (haha)

    DS1 tested positive for influenza today so now we are just focusing on trying to keep everyone else healthy! Nursing the baby as often as she’ll let me, hoping she gets some immunities passed to her. I am not interested in having an infant with the flu 😬

    We’re still in the depths of our remodel, although our kitchen should be (finally) fully functioning by Wednesday. We actually stayed with my parents for 4 weeks after DD was born, which was seriously awesome. We haven’t had laundry since the end of October (with 4 kids, including a newborn 😂😂😂) so I’m anxious to get our washer and dryer back.

    I had my PP check today and everything looks a ok! I had a second degree tear (I’ve had much worse lol) and this was actually my easiest recovery I think. Forgoing any birth control for now, even though we are done, but I haven’t been on anything for 6.5 years and I don’t want any hormones messing with BFing. Once I get my period back (which historically has only happened after I might wean, around 10-11 mo) I’ll probably look into getting an IUD. Hopefully one that lets me never have a period 😂 I’ve only had 2 periods since I got pregnant with DS2 in October of 2015 😳 It’s been pretty nice! 😂

  35. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    hey ladies! just curious how everyone is doing. @bees_knees: do you have a kitchen??

    @karenbme: what did you decide to do about work?

    AFM, we are doing pretty well dealing with the chaos! Littlest guy is actually sleeping pretty well (though my 19 month old DD is NOT) and i'm still limping along with pumping and BFing, although my supply is gradually diminishing.

  36. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1130 posts

    @nwm: We’re doing well here. It feels like it’s going SO fast and I’m both excited and sad knowing it’s our last time going through this. It’ll be fun to move onto the next stage, but I’ll miss having a baby.

    Our middle babe isn’t sleeping well either (she’s 2.5). So hard! The baby is super chill which I’m grateful for.

    I’m going back to work soon, and am nervous about balancing work with three kids. How’s it going for you?

  37. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @LemonJack: same, i feel so grateful the little guy is so chill because our DD has been teething and constantly sick for what seems like his entire life.

    i feel very much the same about the baby stage. i am having some existential angst about how fast it all goes, and how tough it is for me to conjure up specific memories of various ages for my older two. i have a terrible long term memory, and i'm sure it doesn't help that most of the time i'm trying to remember i was really sleep deprived, but it makes me a little sad. that said, my older two are at great ages (minus the teething...) and i'm so excited for the little guy to start moving around, communicating more, etc.!

    the work balance has been ok. it was a much easier transition back to work for sure--given the holiday timing it felt like i was hardly gone--but it does mean that i'm not seeing the baby as much as i'd like given his schedule and mine. i think it will get a little better as he gets older and his schedule transitions to match the big kids. the logistics are also kind of nuts but so far we've had a routine that works ok.

  38. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @nwm: Hi! Glad to hear things are going well and at least one of your kiddos is sleeping. DD is a great sleeper, too, and we’re so grateful. Work life balance is hard for sure. Her schedule is so tough on work days, but I negotiated one day a week of work from home with the understanding that I would keep DD home and get work done during her naps and before/after hours. It’s not perfect, but it helps. Beyond balance, getting reacclimated has been really hard. I’m diving back in about 3/4 of the way through our busy season and I feel kind of unmoored, but others seem happy with my work and I’ll get back.

    How is feeding/pumping going for you? I’m still EPing, and it’s working well, but I also have an oversupply, and have been able to carve out some time during my work days to pump.

    @LemonJack: @nwm: Totally agree that it goes so fast. DD already (baby) talks back when you talk to her, and she decided last weekend that she doesn’t like lying down anymore and constantly tries to sit herself up now. Im amazed at how quickly she’s growing. I have been taking SO many pictures hoping I remember at least a little bit of the beauty of it.


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