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August 2012 Babies!

  1. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @eeh: @marley: @lydg:
    Alright, just checking in to see how many of us are still left Any progress for other August mama's?

    Nothing happening over here that I am aware of. Some cramping and slight blood when I wipe but that could just be from the cervical check from Friday. Fingers crossed that we will all be moving to the "other side" soon!!

  2. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @Orvis18: @aMohror had her adorable baby!

    I definitely lost my mucus plug but I still have 10 days until my due date though.

  3. singingbee

    pomelo / 5073 posts

    Hi, ladies!!!! I have to say I"m sooooooooooo excited to be seeing all the cute pics of your babies soon! You guys are totally rockin' it all out!

    I've missed checking in here and can't wait until everyone has their babies, especially the ones that were team green! THe suspense is killing me and it's not even my baby!

    Right now, we are in our 2nd Post MC TWW. I'm hoping I can know something before I go back to school next week. We shall see!

    Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful delivery!!!!

  4. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @Jennimac: hope to hear some good news from you soon!

  5. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    @orvis18 still here! I have a sono on Tuesday to see how big he is! I am praying for good news...I can't take much longer! Shirts I wore last week don't fit this week!

  6. eeh

    persimmon / 1341 posts

    Still pregnant. I've been dilated to a 2 for 2 weeks with a "nice, soft cervix" and a low baby. The doctor stripped my membranes last Tuesday and I had some bleeding for a couple days after that. I've had some cramping and lots of braxton hicks contractions but nothing more than that really. I've tried just about everything you can think of to get things going but nothing is working! We're inducing Tuesday if she isn't here by then because doctor is worried she's getting too big.

  7. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    36 week appointment today...I could pop anytime between now and sept 1! UGH! 50% effaced, I didn't even ask if I was dilated, I don't want to know! Baby weighs around 6 lbs 8 ounces. Ran errands to dr, hospital to pre-register and pedi to meet her! It made it very real!

  8. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    Baby Charlie was born on 8/8/12 just after midnight. He weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 21 inches long. I was able to have the unmedicated birth I wanted and we are all at home now relaxing and adjusting to our new life Birth story to come.

  9. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    @orvis18!! congratulations!!! i can't wait to hear the birth story!

  10. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @Orvis18: congrats! He's adorable!! It's awesome seeing everyone having their babies!

  11. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    In labor and delivery! Water broke at 5:30 am and excruciating contractions started immediately at 5 minutes apart.

  12. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    Well..just came from doctor (I am still floating between Aug board and Sept board!) and he said I am dilated to a 1 and fully effaced. It could be anytime between now and the first week in September at the very latest if I haven't gone into labor on my own.

    Baby had hiccups on the doppler so that was fun to hear!

  13. Penny Lane

    nectarine / 2163 posts

    So, how is everyone doing, August Mamas?

    I had my baby boy at 12.14pm on Aug 14th (the day after his due date!) after 9.5 hours of labour, incl. only an hour of pushing! I got the unmedicated birth I wanted, and was only at the hospital for the pushing!

    Everything is mostly going well, he's sleeping at least 3 hours at a time (hopefully I haven't just jinxed that :-o!). The only issue we've been having is feeding. He had a bad latch at the beginning and totally chewed up both nipples so badly I couldn't feed off one for 3 days and it's been over a week for the other one and it's still not healed anywhere near enough to try and feed off it I was exclusively pumping and bottle feeding for 3 days, and now i'm trying to alternate boob and bottle each feed, but it doesn't help that he has massive amounts of trouble latching on...

    ANYWAY, how is everyone doing?

    @Orvis18: he's gorgeous! i love that second pic!

  14. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    Hi Ladies!!!!

    How is everyone doing?? So exciting to hear about all of the August babies! I feel like we've been in this together and now our babies are here!

    My daughter was born on 7/28 at 6 in the morning. My mucus plug came out that night and I started having contractions 8 hours later (in the middle of the night). I had a scheduled csection on 8/2 but i didn't make it that far. She wanted to come out earlier!

    Now it's 1 month later and we're adjusting to the new schedule. I must say, it's much tougher having a newborn AND a toddler to take care of. But we're figuring things out and trying to enjoy every moment because time flies by way too fast.

    My DD is a good sleeper and eater, which is a blessing! She latched on right away and I've been able to EBF her from day one. I didn't think my nipples would hurt since this is my 2nd time BFing but man.. they hurt even more than the first time! I literally had tears in my eyes everytime she would latch on. But I just kept at it because I knew eventually my nipples would "toughen up". So far, i've been able to save 80oz of frozen milk, which is nice!

    How are all your ladies coping in the feeding and sleeping department?

  15. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @Penny Lane: congrats! I had my baby on the same day, after 22 hours of labor and eventually a c-section. Our baby girl has been really good with her sleep too! I keep thinking that this won't last!

    I'm going through similar problems with breastfeeding. I had a lactation consultant visit us yesterday and she thinks the problem might be her tongue. We're going to see a specialist about this soon.

  16. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    For those of you that are pumping, how much are you able to get at this point? My LO is now 2 wks old and I've only been able to pump about 20 ml per session.

  17. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    @sunny: I get around 1-1.5 oz for every hour. So if I go 4 hrs between feedings, I get 4-5 ounces. If I pump 2 hrs later, I get 2-3 oz. My LO is 5 weeks old. Not sure how ounces convert to mililiters tho!

  18. Penny Lane

    nectarine / 2163 posts

    @marley: woohoo for good sleepers! Yeah, I went and saw a lactation consultant last week, she said we've got our latch right now and I just have to wait for the ridiculous cracks to heal! I've got an infection from one of the cracks on the left side though, so I'm taking penicillin for it now, hopefully that fixes it soon, I'm SOO over pumping!

    I pump every 3 hours or so and get 90 - 100 ml each side, which I think is around 3 oz? My LO is 3 weeks today

  19. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    @banana: is that 1-1.5 oz each side or together?

    @Penny Lane: wow does your LO drink 6 oz at a time? Mine is only drinking about 2 right now. Even so, my 20 ml (2/3 of an ounce) is pretty pathetic. I need to figure out how to increase my pumping output

  20. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    @sunny: I get 1-1.5 oz each side. So around 2-3 oz per sessions. My LO is drinking around 3 oz every 3 hrs so I have just enough to feed her and save a little for my freezer stash. You're only 2 weeks so you'll build up ur supply soon. I was only pumping around 1-2 oz per 2-he session at 2 weeks and then it started building up week after week. make sure to drink tons of water! i drink lcrazy amts every day and it really helps.

  21. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @sunny: I'm 3 weeks postpartum now and I'm pumping about 2 ounces total per session. I pump about 6-7 times a day. It's definitely not enough, I think. I pump right after nursing but I have no idea how much she's eating from me. She gets some formula or pumped milk right after nursing from my husband and then I pump. It's exhausting!! My supply has been sloooowly increasing.

    @banana: your output is impressive! Hopefully mine will go up so I can stop supplementing and pumping after every feed.

    Here's a picture of my LO:

  22. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    @banana: @marley: @banana: @Penny Lane: thanks for the input on pumping! i'm finally pumping a little more and i'm so excited to be able to build up a small stash.

  23. Penny Lane

    nectarine / 2163 posts

    @sunny: haha, nope he doesn't. I was just starting to build up a little stash... when he started a growth spurt or something, and has now drunk it all up! And congrats on the stash! I was so disappointed when LO drank the last of my stash... That's what I get for thinking "I've got enough now, I can relax and not pump so often." Doh!

    Definitely second drinking lots and lots of water. I drink at least 75oz or so a day. Feeding him makes me RIDICULOUSLY thirsty, every time!

    In other news, both of my nipples have FINALLY healed enough to feed off both of them! No more pumping! Woohoooo!

  24. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    @sunny: yay!!! glad you're able to build a stash! feels good doesn't it ? just keep up the water intake and you'll slowly start seeing your supply increase. Also, every little bit helps. I've been saving 3 oz a day and have over 100 oz saved already! I pump whenever she doesn't finish emptying out the boobs or whenever she goes a long stretch without eating (at night). btw, your LO is adorbs!!!!!

    @pennylane: glad to hear about your healed nipples! seriously...sore nips are the worst!!

  25. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone still around?

    Happy half birthdays to your little ones!

  26. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    @sunny: My August 2012 baby turns 6 months old tomorrow! Can't believe it's already been six months.

  27. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    We had our sixth month visit today. He's still a little low on the curve for weight and head size. The doctor's not too concerned with the weight, but doesn't mind us supplementing with formula. We also have to keep pushing all sorts of purees and solids to prevent a picky eater from forming, one of my biggest fears.

    We were told that we have to work on the sleep. No more rocking and night feedings since he'll come to expect them. He should be sleeping more than what he is.

    Overall, it was a good visit, but we still have stuff to work on.

  28. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    Hi everyone! Charlie is almost 7 months now (3/8)! He's doing great overall, but still waking up at least once a night to nurse. I haven't stopped it yet as I was hoping he'd just give it up on his own. He just got his first tooth last week and is trying to crawl, so I think those things are also hindering his sleep. He's an eating machine-loving all the solids we've given him so far. I'm surprised he doesn't weigh a lot more

    I hope everyone is doing well and that we can resurrect this board!

    Here's a recent pic.

  29. crunch

    cherry / 186 posts

    He is so cute!
    I never posted here in the beginning but would love to see what all the August 2012 babies are up to!
    Mine is 7 months today! He has his two bottom teeth coming in and seems to be working on yoga poses?!? I mostly see him doing downward dog and triangle pose in his bed. He's still waking up once a night and I'm trying to wean him but have a constant internal battle on if I should re-do CIO or not.
    He's an okay eater... He loves sweet potatoes and any new foods we introduce him to HAS to be mixed in with sweet potatoes first or he will make a face and gag! He almost never giggles like how I hear other babies do, just a "heh" when he's amused! I wish he would giggle more but when I do get to hear it, it makes it more special! Updated pic of my little guy (still not sitting on his own yet)

  30. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    What foods have you tried so far with your LOs?

    We've done avocado, pear, sweet potato, peas and butternut squash for the first time tonight. I think we'll do prunes next because she seems to keep getting constipated.

  31. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    Hi there!

    E will be 7 months on Friday. He had his 6 month checkup last Monday and was 19lb 5oz and 27.6". Heavy little dude--not very chubby, but very dense I guess?

    He started properly crawling a little over a week ago (although half the time it's on his hands and feet, not knees). He'd been on his hands and knees rocking and lunging/doing the worm for over a month. He has 8 teeth--6 of them came in at once (the 6th is still cutting through). Our sleep is--sporadic. We co-slept (co-bedded) until mid-Jan, and then transitioned him into his crib. Some nights he sleeps great, 10 hours, wake up to nurse, down for another 2. Other nights (like most of the past 2 weeks) he's been up every hour. He's had a lot going on developmentally, though, so I'm hoping it will calm down soon. Desperately hoping, for my own sanity.

    He's a serious baby. He can have giggling fits, especially with DH, but they're rare. He's started showing signs of separation anxiety with me--when I go to the bathroom he'll crawl and sit outside the door and cry (when my ILs were over) or come right into the bathroom (I leave the door open when I'm alone). God forbid one of my ILs walks him away from me. Screamed bloody murder in a restaurant.

    We started him on solids a few weeks ago. We're doing a mix of BLW and sort of purees (not properly pulsed, just sort of mashed with a spoon). So far he's had green beans, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted asparagus, garlic chicken, bananas, scrambled egg, avocado, butternut squash, strawberries, plain toast, Greek yogurt. His favorite so far has been sweet potato enchiladas...mostly sweet potatoes, with tomato sauce, sour cream and a decent kick/spices. I think he's allergic to the strawberries--the juice left a rash on his chest and stomach

  32. crunch

    cherry / 186 posts

    @sunny we've tried oatmeal, cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, apples, pears, mango and avocado.
    For some reason he started refusing food when I try to feed him. He's missed two dinners now and I thought it was because he was teething. Well he refused it during lunch too until DH fed him and he opened his mouth just fine! Anyone else go through this??

    @futuremrsmck your baby boy is big and 6 teeth all at once!! I can't imagine... how is he handling it? I wanted to try to do BLW too but haven't had the chance to read up on it so we ended up going the traditional route. It seems like you're able to give him a lot more different foods doing BLW though!

    It's crazy to think about how much learning these babies go through in such a short amount of time!

  33. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: did you introduce 1 food at a time or just offer a variety each time? I can't believe he is already crawling! My LO is barely siting up by herself. She is 6.5 months.

    @purkle: maybe he wants to nurse?!? Could be like when babies refuse a bottle from mom but will take it from other people?

  34. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    @purkle: It's been a rough month or so. Most of the time he's very clingy and fussy, unless he's with DH. But we're powering through.

    @sunny: Basically I put a few pieces of whatever we're having for dinner on his high chair tray and let him pick up whatever he wants and put it in his own mouth (this can be quite messy, btw). So if we're having garlic chicken, asparagus and carrots he'll get a few pieces of each. We had breakfast together yesterday and he had strawberries, Greek yogurt, and a bit of toast.

    And yeah, it's ridiculous. He moves so fast!

  35. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    AHHH! I totally missed these posts from my fellow August 2012 mamas (well, my LO was born 7/28 but she was supposed to be born on 8/2...I still consider myself an August mama).

    Let's give an update!

    My DD is almost 7.5 months old. Her sleep is so-so. She wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night but she goes right back to sleep after nursing. She has two top teeth and two bottom teeth. We started solids a few weeks ago and so far her faves are sweet potato and banana (loooves banana). We started giving her chunks of banana for her to practice gumming instead of just swallowing purees. So far so good. She loves "chewing" and smiles whenever I give her a piece of soft food for her to "chew". She's starting to crawl on her hands/knees. It's not the smoothest crawl but she gets to where she needs to go. She's not babbling much (aside from shrieking and cooing). She started saying "mmmm" and "buhhh buhhh" just recently. I'm eager for her to start the consonant/vowel combinations!! My son was speech delayed so her speech milestone makes me a little more nervous. Other than that, she's a happy baby!

    Let's hear an update on your little ones!!!


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