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August 2013 - Postpartum Chat

  1. chanzi

    cherry / 233 posts

    Late to the party but I wanted to do a 2 year update!

    Crib or Bed? Bed! We made the switch from co-sleeping to a twin bed at 17 months. He generally (finally!) sleeps through the night now.

    Nap length? Usually 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours, with the occasional longer epic nap.

    Bed Time? Our routine starts at 7:30 and takes about 45 minutes, so he’s generally asleep by 8:30 or so. I’d like to push this earlier but it would be logistically challenging since DH gets home at 6:20 and we all eat dinner together.

    Favourite Food? Probably cookies, ice cream, or cake (due to his birthday!), but he likes regular food too. Eggs, cheese, yogurt and granola, all berries (and fruit in general), hot dogs, pasta, ketchup… Not a lot of veggies on his favorites list, but he has started snacking on cherry tomatoes recently. He also requests carrots sometimes.

    Favourite word/phrase? Mama, (what are) you doing?

    Favourite movie? He hasn’t seen any movies but he loves Daniel Tiger.

    Favourite outdoor item? Swings (at the park). He also loves water and climbing.

    Are baths fun? Yes, both baths and showers, but he tries to avoid them. Toddlers! He really hates having his hair washed.

    Favourite toy? Hmm, I’m not sure… Duplos, blocks, and books for things he has had for awhile? Maybe play food, vacuum, and baby doll for new birthday gifts? He also LOVES his new book (Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site).

    As mentioned above we’re expecting our second baby pretty soon (3 weeks until my due date!). Our plan was to space our kids 2 years apart, so everything has gone according to plan, but I was feeling pretty conflicted about it for a while when I got pregnant. Was I depriving my current baby of his chance to be the baby? Rushing him through it? E was still nursing a lot so that was part of my concern (I wanted to keep nursing at least until two, if he wanted to). I decided to tandem breastfeed (eek) so we will see how that goes… Now that E is nursing less often and has grown up a lot in the last nine months, I feel more ready to have another baby in the house. Not actually ready ready yet (really need to pack my bag and install the car seat!) but getting there.

    We’ve been doing some potty training but I’ve been pretty lazy about it. E is very good about peeing on the potty if you make him sit on it, and if you keep up with it he can go the whole day peeing only on the potty, but he won’t let you know when he needs to go (and hasn’t had a real poop on the potty yet). With the new baby on the way I haven’t been pushing it. We’re using a little potty from IKEA and I want to get one of the mini seats that goes on the big toilet too.

    Anyone else still breastfeeding? How is it going? We’re mostly down to morning, nap time, and bedtime, with the occasional brief comfort session at random other times. My supply tanked when I got pregnant and then gradually disappeared. Now I’ve got colostrum.

    E had his first salon haircut in June and he did great. I preferred his longer, wavier hair, but his big boy haircut has definitely been good for the summer and he’s not getting hair in his eyes all the time. We’ve been cutting his hair ourselves since he turned one, so it was definitely time for a real haircut to shape things up. He also did great with his first dentist visit (just sitting in the chair and getting a quick check after my own visit a couple weeks ago).

    I was tempted to have a Daniel Tiger themed birthday party with friends (but no presents) this year but ended up skipping it. I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to deal with throwing an actual party, and DH preferred not to have one, so we just had a small celebration with family (similar to last year). E definitely enjoyed his birthday and keeps asking for happy cake!

  2. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @chanzi: Your lil boy looks so much older than 2!! Wishing you a quick and smooth delivery (when the time comes)!

  3. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @chanzi: he is so adorable!

    How's potty training going everyone? We have been taking a very lax approach but she goes pee on the toilet regularly. I made the mistake of putting her in underwear around the house and ended up with lots of mess. My friend just dropped off the Oh Crap potty training book so I may give that a go. I just don't know if I should continue to be relaxed about it and not push or just give it my all for a few days and get it over with.

    After 6 months of TCC after our loss in December we just found out we are pregnant. We scattered the baby's ashes at the cottage this month and got pregnant right after so I like to think that had something to with it. Maybe we just needed some closure.

  4. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @delight: I've put DS on the potty a few times, but he hasn't peed or pooped in it. He'll tell us after he poops in the diaper that he needs a diaper change, and occasionally with a wet one. He doesn't show any interest in the toilet even though he sees me and DH use it all the time. He enjoys flushing it for us though! I'm going to wait a few more months and see if he shows any more interest in it. I'd love if he was potty trained before #2 arrives.

    Congratulations on your BFP!!! I'm so happy for y'all!! Like you said, I think it totally coincides with y'all's cottage visit. It was like the baby's gift to y'all.


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